Dailuaine (Whiskybase) - Archives, 1983 - 30 y.o. - 47,3%
18F: 18E: 82/100

Dailuaine Archives, 1983

30 years
Bottle details:
non chill filtered cask strength
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Color: Light gold.

Nose: Ho yes ! Plenty of fresh fruits, very greedy ! Green apple, citrus fruits, white peach, a little bit of white grapes. I like it a lot.
After airing, pink grapefruit and a light green wood scents.

Mouth: Super sweet, a candy in the mouth. No agressiveness, the alcohol is mastered and well integrated. In the following of the nose: plenty of sugared fruits. It's Summertime !

Finish: Moderately long. Lemon drops mixed with a global sweetness (I know it's paradoxical but it works !).

Verdict: A very good fruit bomb, I like that kind of profile.



Colour: light gold

Nose: Sweet ripe pear are accompanied by a hint of organic solvent (paint thinner).

Mouth: It starts fruity with some wood, then malty notes with cold ashes follow. With water grassy aromas appear as well as unripe grapes and some pepper.

A medium and mineral finish reminds me of a stream in a meadow.



“Not bad but a rather uninteresting whisky”
This dram has a gold like color.

Nose (86): (5)more than average. honey, citrus, spices, vanilla. 43%? 10 15 years old?

Taste (87): powerful, oily. honey, citrus, spices, herbs, vanilla, wood.

Finish (86): (5)longer than average. honey, wood, spices.



Nose: Strange! Relatively low intensity but powerfuland weighing aromas, particular rubber. Moss and also undergrowth.
Palate: Plate, flat, flat! Light fruity (peach may be), a little malt. A syrupy texture but not at all correspond to the quasi neutrality of the mouth.
Final: Moderately long on ... nothing! ☺ Say on malt!
Conclusion: Not sure ...


Colour: Pale gold
A more subtle than discreet nose with lovely ripe fruit hidden behind a sort of sweet veil. Not very complex, the nose plays on the register of subtlety.
In the mouth this whisky is pleasantly fruity with still this feeling of a veil of sugar as at the nose, giving it a somewhat disgusting character. Moderate complexity. The whole makes it a pleasant whisky to drink without being transcendent.
The finish is also marked by the slightly syrupy side. It is quite long and not unpleasant. Too bad this kind of sweet veil is present throughout the tasting.


Nose: malty nose first, porridge, wet cardboard, then progresses to include citrus

Palate: pome fruits, citrus ... mainly orange

Finish: long


appearance: Riesling
nose: low to medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, fresh vegetables, slightly acidic like unripe green apple, mineral (wet stones)
taste: low intensity, well integrated alcohol, partly rotten vegetables, walnut bark, white pepper at the end of taste
finish: short (especially on pepper)



Nose: Very expressive. Initially, I feel I smell a white wine from South West I drank last week. Many almost exotic fruits. Lemon confit. Of bitter oranges. There is a side of wine nuts too. Vanilla and frangipani.

Palate: Oily, concentrated alcoholic strength under control. Not bad wood and touches of lemons with a controlled finish bitterness.

Finale: Woody and spicy, almost spicy.

Comments: A whiskey with enough classic aromas in short but I really like the expression. Excellent daily dram.


Nose: very clean, lemon candy, raisins, blueberry, buttery , wet stones, apple flavor (toilet spray/bubble gum), it tickles inside the nose, and a little tropic ; pineapple
With water: it looses the clean character, dirty maybe oily cloth, some yeast, fruitier, grain, very nice mix of blueberry and citrus! Much better

Taste/Palate: a light body, malt, soapy, citrus, herbs, strong alcohol, a little bitterness,
With water: dirtier too, some lamp oil, more malty, no strong alcohol anymore, much better

Finish: powerful, it burns, with citrus soap, grain and a little bitter
With water: long and warm, less soap, more grain



Colour: Pale gold.
Nose: Grainy. Lots of soaked crushed cereals. Juniper galore. Ginger ale. Stale beer. Something strangely perfumy too, like those big industrial "flawless" apples. And quite some spices from the wood after a while. Perhaps something like warm apple pie?
Mouth: Hotter than expected (around 48%?). Still lots of juniper, and cinchona as well. As entertaining as a Gin tonic could be (just joking...). Serious: this is dry and completely unsexy whisky. And not really to my liking, I must say...
Finish: Quite short, with some sour cream in the aftertaste.
Comment: Just boring whisky if you ask me. Unless you’re crazy about Gin fizz !



Nose: lemongrass, citrus zest, grapefruit and clove and pepper, other spices and anise a little bitter.
Taste: malt, a touch of orange and a fresh wave of spices, salt, lingering smoke. Found citrus in finish
Final: metal, cork
Conclusion: nice to drink whisky, the script is already written.


Nose: Milk chocolate, fresh lemon eucalyptus (ephemeral). The opening makes it as fresh pastry with peach pie and custard. In the background, you feel a cold minerality. Alliances are safe but the nose is a little spicy.

Taste: Milk chocolate is present but the lemon makes a comeback. This becomes quite bubbly in the mouth with a small gain of spices later (cinnamon, pepper). Somewhat monolithic (one quickly turns on citrus). The more the whisky opens, the more lemon leaves more room for spices. But the texture is quite nice.

Finale: The lemon is shoulder to shoulder with spices and wood (especially with the addition of water). Bubbly feeling persists. The acidity is not aggressive but this (sweet). The aftertaste known chemical notes (rubber).

Comment: A small dram with no real appeal. The nose is simple but quite OK while the mouth quickly becomes monolithic with a lemon a little prominent (before landing spices).


Nose: A scent of 'new make' (yeast and sourness). Light wood tones (smokiness), vanilla and some spices (nutmeg).

Taste: Very sweet, barley (grain biscuit) and a bit of bitterness and sourness.

Finish: Short and light wood tones (bitterness).



Perfumed nose, sweet corn, bread, rough


Nose: for me a bit metallic, wet stone, cereals, wet hay, a bit "farmy"
with water developing white fruity Aromas, keeps the fruity side with water, but is loosing a lot after the addition of water.

Palate: somehow salty mouth feel, full Body, alcohol pleasant although strong and remaining for a long time, getting a bit "sharp" with the second sip, somehow dry.

Finish: again dry, long sustain of the flavors, somewhat okay and presence of tannins which I wouldn't have expected after nosing,
develops some hints of smoke/peat
with the Addition of water, the mouth feel is as just after a cigarette

That's an interesting Whisky from which I would have needed a bigger sample for a second session.
I think there is still enough to discover in a different mood.
I would buy it.
by the way: a fruit fly has also been very fond of this Whisky and paid her curiosity with nothing but her life. ; )



Nose: Apple cinnamon, lemon. Oily.

Taste: Apple cinnamon, fresh fruit.

Finale: mint, spices.

Comments: Nice, but really not complex. He did not say much, but it's very personnal.



Colour: Gold

Nose: First nose is floral and rural (heather, incense, dried flowers). On the hay. Citrus and exotic fruits make a point of acidity (lemon). Slight woody notes of hazelnut, walnut. Much grass with a water feature, very fresh, and oak. Very natural.

Mouth: We find these floral notes from the nose, including heather, with some woody and peppery. A little dish with water, dry with a peppery edge and woody aftertaste.


Nose: fruity dominant. A little spicy. Mineral.
Mouth: starts on the fruit (white peach, canary melon) and the mineral side from the nose. Also maritime side (salt and iodine) and almost peaty. We find the pungent from the nose.
Final: average, in line with the mouth except a hint of bitterness paradoxically too present.
Conclusion: not bad malt but who lack a little something to really score.