Convalmore Distillery
Banffshire AB55 4BD

Owner: William Grant & Sons

Creation date: 1894

The Convalmore distillery was built in 1894 in Dufftown by the Convalmore-Glenlivet Distillery Co Ltd and taken over by W.P. Lowrie & Co (part of the James Buchanan & Co group). The distillery was partially destroyed by fire in 1909.
Fire was very common in distilleries, due to highly inflammable materiel (whisky but also the spirit vapours in the warehouses) stored in the building.
Reconstruction was quick, and in 1910, the owners decided to experiment with the making of malt whisky in a Coffey Still. This was not really a great success.
UDV bought the distillery in 1925 and resold it in 1990 to the owner of Glenfiddich and Balvenie distilleries, William Grant and sons. In the meanwhile important renovation works have been done in the 60's by Diageo, successors of DCL (and UDV). The licence is still kept by Diageo who have the right to market official bottlings. William Grant just purchases the premises, and uses them as warehouses.