Edradour Distillery
Pitlochry, Perthshire
PH16 5JP
+44 1796 472 095

Owner: Edradour Distillery Company (Signatory)

Creation date: 1837

The oldest official documents say the first distillery in Edradour has been build in 1837.

However it seems that some farmers joined in a kind of cooperative society as soon as 1825 to produce their legal whisky, mostly for their own consumption, sharing the costs. This cooperative was that successful that they decided in 1841 to produce for the market.
The distillery has been owned by different people before being taken over in 1933 by William Whiteley who made Edradour the main component of his then famous blend, King Ransome. Other blends containing Edradour are House of Lords and Clan Campbell.
More recently, the French group Pernod-Ricard took the control over the distillery in 1992 through Campbell Distillers, and sold it to the in dependant bottler Signatory Vintage on 22 july 2002.
Edradour is the smallest distillery of Scotland. Only 3 people are working full time at the distillery.