Glendronach ( Official) - Revival aged 15 years - 15 y.o. - 46%
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Glendronach Revival aged 15 years

15 years
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sherry oloroso
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Nose: Sherry on nuts (especially walnuts), dried fruit, figs and prunes. Pretty cool. After aeration, the cook, the rancid and macerated fruits make their appearances.
Palate: Powerful enough. Unlike the nose is on the fruit, the palate is marked by mocha and cocoa.
Final: Moderately long on bitter cocoa
Conclusion: Well done, without much personality. A good sherry is drunk easily. Lack can be a bit of punch. Glendronach's a 90?


Nose: a little spicy. First typical notes of sherry and then more complex and at my taste with particular touches of ripe fruits and even tarte tatin.
Mouth attack on toasted side of sherry and I do not like despite the beautiful creamy texture. Evolution rather confusing but nicer.
Still the persistence of grilled / burned side, even sulfur which I know to be sensitive.
Conclusion: A frustrating malt for me as lacking balance, in any case too marked by the wrong side of sherry. As a missed opportunity ....



Color: Amber
The nose has a dual character. On the one hand frank and pleasant sherry but on the other hand some hints of yeast, mold, undergrowth.
The palate is softer than announced in the nose. Sherry takes on top, and slightly bitter notes of cashews are being added. Mouth, while being friendly, lack of complexity.
The finish is long, marked by sherry and a slight bitterness.


Colour: Polished mahogany.
Nose: One of these pretty unsophisticated though rather carefully crafted tennage sherry malts with lots of brown sugar, pralines, and corn syrup galore. There's also some toffee in there, which I usually dislike in my whisky, but the syrupy side is nicely balanced with just enough wood dryness and the slight sourness of some orange marmalade. And this balance gets better and better with time.
Mouth: This is consensual whisky. The thrill of the sherry, but stays very well behaved. Too well behaved, if you ask me. Demerara sugar strikes first, followed by lots of nuts, and an orange flavoured ganache. Very creamy, with a little mid palate hollowness, probably due to the low ABV (43% ?).
Finish: Quite long, with a growing woody bitterness.
Comment: If you have ever tasted the Dailuaine 16yo F&F we had for the very first WDTS, this one will ring a bell to you. A nice and probably affordable introduction to sherried malts.



Woody nose with a good dose of raisins and spices of all kinds with notes of hazelnut and vanilla.
The palate is silky and creamy with hints of licorice, brown sugar and an abundance of spices especially nutmeg who hops on the tongue.
The finish is on the same tones but it is not persistent.


“Great sherry dram! Love it!”
This dram has a tawny like color.

Nose (91): (5)more than average. honey, nuts, citrus, leather, spices, cinnamon. Good sherry nose!

Taste (92): powerful, oily. honey, nuts, citrus, spices, leather. Maybe 40% and 15y o.

Finish (91): (5)longer than average. honey, leather.


Nose: From the start, they are strong sulfur notes or rather the sensation of feeling a scratched match that pops in my face! I said that I found it enjoyable. Many spices follow (vanilla among others), cocoa and red fruits. Everything suggests a whisky aged in moderately old first fill sherry cask. The flavors are distinct. I also feel a lot of fig.

Mouth surely cask strength for my feeling but alcohol is controlled. The palate is sweet / spicy. Pleasant but less attractive than the nose.

Final: relatively long on hints of fig.

Comments: A very nice whisky profile. Lacks a bit of finesse and complexity to seduce me.


Nose: mint + + + footprint, mixed with pepper, rubber as well as intoxicating floral notes. Aeration gives much exhalations gourmet dessert: rum raisin semolina caramel, honey. Also the wood, a few herbs.
Mouth attack on the green wood & spices, liquorice and aniseed register turns into strong accents of sherry, dried fruit, woody, salty.
Finish: long, hints of mint and spices, old cap.
Conclusion: Very nice nose, confirmed by mouth. A beautiful sherry.


Appearance: medium amber
Nose: medium intensity, well integrated alcohol after 5 minutes of breathing, 3/4 dry / 1/4 sweet sherry profile, viney, dried fruits, a little bit of burnt caramel, creamy
Taste: medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, in line with the nose of the "big sherried whisky"
Finish: medium



Color: cognac

Nose: confirms what color suggests: Sherry is here! The notes of spices and candied fruit are expressed immediately. Alcohol is present, but the flavors are well mastered. Adding water does not add interesting notes. Small spicy pikes Sober.

Palate: The attack is mastered and very greedy. Wood remains in place and leaves gourmand notes of gingerbread, wax and ripe fruit compote. A touch of acidity gives pep to the whole. Adding water calms attack, but also seems to erase the most intense notes. However, the body becomes more complex with emphasis on the compote side.

Final: The olfactory return shows the top notes to finish on a slight astringency. A good finish, is long and full.

A nice variation on the theme of sherry, all is well controlled but oriented on spices with small spikes acids. The addition of water seems to settle down overall, but it finally reveals more complexity on the palate. This whisky is very nice and good resistance to water to adjust the taste according to mood. I love.


Nose: Very elegant with nice sherry notes and lightly spiced. In the background somewhat dried fruit (sultanas). After a while the spiciness comes more to the foreground and some notes of toasted wood as well.

Taste: Pleasant sweet, spicy and again some wood tones.

Finish: Medium and spicy.


Jean-Marie Putz

The first nose is marked by sherry but also by something between yeast and mushroom. This latest hints are quite dominant first, but fade quite quickly to make some room to an interesting mix of sherry and fruits.
In the palate, the first impression is some quite acid sherry which develops quickly on smoother notes of plum, moka or chocolate having amazingly lost any reference to the original acidity without having lost any of its freshness making this whisky an intense and pleasant dram.
Finish is rather long and the moka, chocolate and sherry notes from the mouth remain for long minutes.



Color: Amber

Nose: We start on dry sherry, decorated with sulfur notes (match heads, black mushrooms). Conventional raisins are in the game, as well as some fruity sweetness. Simple, effective, and fairly balanced in its kind, nor smooth nor too violent.

Palate: Dry Sherry, fluid and nice texture, a bit feeble in attack but the mid palate is nice, still with a sulfur control.

Final: Lack of intensity and length.

Conclusion: Less diluted that malt would have been really interesting.


copper color

Nose: Powerful with alcohol clearly present but remains balanced. We are immediately on the polish, leather and beeswax. It then evolves into sweet spices, cardamom and caramel, all offering a copper printing. Good development, good complexity.

Palate: soft almost silky texture. Fine caramel. Somewhat deficient construction: the mid palate is lacking a bit of material. one is on oriental notes (Turkish delight and orange blossom). Finish of dark chocolate.

Finish: The finish is smooth. length is rather average with a strong presence of cocoa van Houten. The final ended on a bitter too pronounced. This imbalances the whisky.

In conclusion, it is highly unfortunate that the final spoils a little the tasting and is not up to the rest of the tasting.


Nose: very ripe fruit, nuts, rancio, touch of smoke.

Palate: Aqueous, chalky, mocha, ripe fruits.

Final: Sweet, sugar, a little mint, spicy.

Comments: There was a problem with this sample, the stopper did not close properly and it flowed. My notes are therefore be interpreted with caution! Otherwise, I liked it and it's very easy drinkable.



Color : Copper
Nose: Cooked fruits
Mouth: Fudge, strawberries, dried apricots" almonds
Finish: Short