Miltonduff (Dewar Rattray) - Cask Collection, 26 years - 26 y.o. - 48,0%
3F: 3E: 87/100

Miltonduff Cask Collection, 26 years

Dewar Rattray
26 years
Cask Collection
Bottle details:
distillation: 16-09-1980 bottling: 20-10-2006
cask nr:12502
/132 bottles
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Jean-Marie Putz

The nose presents nice hints of exotic fruits and a touch of underlying smoke. The nose seems to develop constantly and presents alternately slight acid notes (mango) and hints of cocoa. The smoke also tends to come and go. Very amazing nose, slightly tingling, but this does not hinder the pleasure. In the palate, this whisky is quite complex too, with a marked presence of exotic fruits, some refreshing acidity, coffee. The finish is lingering, and a kind of acidity remains in the palate, while a pleasant heat and cocoa feeling seems to invade the whole body.

Jean-Marie Putz

Colour: Old gold
Very nice nose with nice slightly woody notes, ripe fruit and spices, then pepper, notes of coffee. In short a remarkable complexity and a lot of fun announced for the rest of the tasting.
The first palate is very nice also. Ripe fruit and malt especially, nuts and other pleasant tastes. The mouth is slightly behind the nose, but still excellent.
The finish is long and warm and happy memories of the mouth continues.

Jean-Marie Putz

What an amazing nose with malt notes where smooth fruit hints (sweet melon) seem to integrate methodically, surrounded by a light wax smell.
The palate develops first on quite a bitter register before the actual explosion of quite contrasted but complementary  tastes. The mouth is even more spectacular than the nose was. Very complex, with clear woody hints which seem to come and go, just like waves and smoother notes of malted barley fill the holes. Fruity and acid tastes complete the whole cycle.
The finish is lingering and warm, with a slight prominence of acid fruits hints, but the light woody whiffs are present too. The finish is particularly warm even if not hindered at all by the alcohol, even if this presence is obvious,
Superb whisky.