Port Ellen ( Official) - 4th release - 25 y.o. - 56,2%
 alt=6F: 3E: 90/100

Port-Ellen 4th release

25 years
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distillation: 1978 bottling: 2004
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Jean-Marie Putz

The nose is first marked by citrus fruits (lemon) and then by grass and finally iodine and peat on a background of smoke. The rather complex taste is marked by the degree of alcohol and varies between peaty smoke and barley with a slight after taste of wood or hazelnuts, and some chocolate hints. A very nice finish, even if it becomes dry after a few minutes, with hints of dried fruits (hazelnut, nut) and a very pleasant touch of spices and some woody impressions.

Jean-Marie Putz

A remarkable nose, consisting in farmlike smells, ( wet hay), marine hints, iodine and salt and very nice spicy/peppery notes on a peaty background with some smoky notes.
In the palate, the first thing to appear is peat, with some slightly acid hints, citrus fruit and a fine woody impression. The alcohol is very present, with a tingling sensation as a result. The palate is rather complex, spicy and peated. A very nice finish, lingering and warm, subtle balance between peat and citrus fruits. The memory of the alcohol continues to haunt this malt, which is a pitty, because without this little flaw, this whisky would be simply perfect. And the percentage of alcohol does not justify this little deception, as many other cask strengths are stronger but less annoying...

Jean-Marie Putz

A very nice spicy nose, a touch of fine wood and remote hints of hay. Discrete sea air with its salty and sea spray components.
A very nice complexity in the palate, with tastes developing from woody bitterness to citrus notes before developing clearly on wood, chocolate and coffee.
The finish is powerful and pleasantly marked by wood and this coffee hints are still there. An excellent whisky.
Compared to previous notes, it seem that the annoying alcohol dominations has dimmed (the bottle has been opened a few months ago) and the whisky has clearly improved.