Dalmore (Whisky & Rhum) - L'Esprit Whisky, 17 yo - 17 y.o. - 52,9%
13F: 13E: 82/100

Dalmore L'Esprit Whisky, 17 yo

Whisky & Rhum
17 years
L'Esprit whisky
Bottle details:
distillation: 29/10/1996 bottling: 06/11/2013
non chill filtered cask strength
cask nr:BH9092 / RB58
24 /30 bottles
price class:

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appearance: Riesling
nose: low to medium intensity, fairly well integrated alcohol after breathing, old style mustard, herbaceous, minty, sour
taste: low to medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, mustard and sourness dominate, pepper and fresh baby vomited in the finish
finish: short



Nose: High in alcohol, fruity (tropical), spicy (nutmeg), some sweetness and some wood tones too.
Taste: Very spicy, some sweetness and clear influences of wood.
Finish: Quite long and spicy with a little bit bitterness at the end.



Colour: Pale gold.
Nose: Rather youngish and grassy, with quite some soft vanilla. Stale water? Gets even grassier after a while, with lots of wet hay and freshly cut grass after the rain. Hot, but nicely balanced. Not that young, finally, and really classy now, assuming you like the style.
Mouth: Vanilla and soft violet flavoured liquorice (Florent). Gets hot (50%), but remains balanced. Perhaps a hint of fruit in the background. Unripe pineapple?
Finish: Long, with a nice orange blossom honeyed development.
Comment: This is no immediate pleasure whisky. Reminds me of some Aberfeldy in its 20s. Or perhaps a rather shy Lowlander?



Nose: quite shy at the beginning of the sample, and then a lot of grain and quite spirity (with solvents close to medicinal), quite pronounced vegetal notes but well integrated hints of juicy pears, lots of spices (cinnamon, pepper)
With aeration we go on the green apple and semolina cake with vanilla but it is marked by alcohol and spices.
Mouth: quite round in the mouth and surprisingly fruity (papaya, mango, coconut) associated to the presence of nuts like mixed drink!
The finish, however, is too spicy and the final marked by bitterness (liquorice) even if the fruits remain.

A green nose and marked by the grain that reminds me of some young Bruichladdich and mouth more in the tradition of a young Arran fruity but unstructured.
Overall it lacks depth and especially balance and even if it is not bad to me this seems dispensable.


Nose: herbs, bee wax, vanilla, not very typical
Mouth: Light fruit notes, orange, sweet, later dry in the finish, bitterness kills all!



Nose: An undergrowth side, moss, green wood, new plastic, grapefruit. I did not catch at all.
B ouche: Alcohol is present but relatively flat with a combo tobacco, vanilla, poorly mastered smoke.
Finish: Long. Pepper, dried peat land.
Conclusion: Bad. This is not good ☺ 75


Nose: rather quiet. Pear, some spirit, some peat and grains.
Taste: woody attack, powerful, mineral, syrupy.
Finish: long.

Comments: A flawless dram but shows no interest in my tasting sense because his personality is too narrow.


Color: light gold
Nose: rather closed firsr. The wax (solvent), cherry pits; wood and malt.
Taste: the whole "cherry stones" strongly spring; it is quite bitter ... the marzipan, sugar ...
Final: not very long; grows on nuts and salt.

I'm really not convinced by it ... difficult to discern is melted ... and disgusting. I returned twice, but I feel I have missed.


Colour: Gold
Nose: Smoky to very smoky, slightly floral and fragrant, very intense, fresh, malty, and with diverse yellow flowers, as well as a touch of heather.
Taste: Spicy to very spicy, malty, fresh, floral, with some almonds, fruits from the orchards, nice round floral flavours and freshly crushed barley, some vanilla, ginger and tobacco leaves. The finish is medium, slightly waxy and smoky, round, balanced, malty and on freshly crushed burley, as well as some pear and apples drops.
Impression: A very good malty fresh and round whisky, well balanced and enjoyable to drink.



Nose: Again a pretty pastry nose, green cut fruit, stewed caramel.

The palate is immediately marked by a sweet sailing, pastry (fines and honey), which distils gradually fruity notes. Fruits to first, which advanced on notes and tannic acid (wine, grapes), and end up on espresso and spicy vanilla. Malt is very present, almost organic.
The mouth evolves on notes of mint on the finish, to evolve on a final that does not disappoint on coffee, mint, hazelnut.


Color: Light gold
A discreet and floral nose. A hint of cut grass and another of smoke. The smell of sour candy, hints of menthol and some spices. Without being very complex, the nose is nice and has a nice balance.
The first impression on the palate is a bit more mitigated and contrasts a bit with the nose that was more engaging. It passes in turn from an acidic character to a marked bitterness. Definitely the bitterness takes over, obscuring the other flavors. This dominance may hurt balance a little.
The medium finish is marked by bitterness.


Color: Straw / light yellow

Nose: Sweet, honey, lemon, fresh linen, cut grass

Taste: Lemon, butterscotch, a bit dense....with some water gets smoother, some bitter caramel...more water....smoother...some honey and butter come out.  Cask strength.

Finish: medium length finish...cough medicine, not much complexity here.

Overall, drinkable, cask strength, not much on the finish.  Would have left this one in the cask for a bit longer....



Colour: White wine

Nose: Here again not much in the nose some barley and malt with hints of yellow fruits.

Palate: Sweet fudge together with sandal wood and some meat? Interesting, a little fruitiness appears later on.

The finish is sweet and short I would say. Another nice dram but I think I won't remember.