Clynelish (Ian McLeod) - Chieftains Choice 13 years - 13 y.o. - 46,0%
4F: 4E: 81/100

Clynelish Chieftains Choice 13 years

Ian McLeod
13 years
Chieftain's Choice
Bottle details:
distillation: 1/05/1989 bottling: 1/12/2002
South African Sherry
cask nr:3287
price class:

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Jean-Marie Putz

The rather discrete nose offers a nice mix of farm smells (animal notes, young leather and wet earth with hay). A hint of smoke on the background and some fruity touches as well.
In the palate, a smooth mix of citrus fruit and walnut, a kind of sweet-sour character, mix of bitterness and sweetness. Unripe walnut with honey.
A nice lingering finish, where the honey remains, near the memory of this nice woody bitterness combined to slightly acid citrus fruit hints.

Jean-Marie Putz

Quite a "farmy" nose, with notes of wet hay, malt and yeast at first nosing. Then some fruity notes emanate together with grass hints and a discrete touch of mint.
In the palate, a very pleasant impression build from a mix of malt and dry fruits, nicely balanced and very smooth.
The finish is warm and mainly marked by hints of malted barley.

Jean-Marie Putz

Surprising whisky. Far from the official 14 years old bottling, this whiskt is remarkable by its very long and pleasant finish, while the first impression in the palate did not make expect such a pleasure.
The taste is slightly acid, reminding citrus fruits, but is rather complex and pleasant after a few seconds.
The nose did not announce such a pleasant finish.

Jean-Marie Putz

The nose is rather discrete and offers some remote hints of smoke and reveals a kind of acidity on a malt background.
The palate is rather sweet and marked by the wood and a nut taste.
The finish is very pleasant, long and complex, with touches of dry fruits (nuts), malt and citrus fruits.