Caol Ila (Wilson & Morgan) - 18 years - 18 y.o. - 57,5%
19F: 19E: 87/100

Caol-Ila 18 years

Wilson & Morgan
18 years
Barrel Selection, Cask Strength
Bottle details:
distillation: 1995 bottling: 2013
non chill filtered cask strength
cask nr:10027
price class:

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appearance: Riesling
nose: medium to strong intensity, well integrated alcohol, old ashtray, smoked ham, marine, cloves, dry oloroso sherry, not really complex but very pleasant
taste: medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, a pleasing mix of classic peaty / sherry
finish: medium



“A delicious dram! It looks old and with a great taste on the peated side of life”
This dram has a copper like color.

Nose (92): (5)more than average. peat, wood, spices, honey, earth, citrus, vanilla.

Taste (92): powerful, oily. peat, wood, citrus, spices, honey, earth, cocoa. Maybe a Caol Ila?

Finish (91): (5)longer than average. peat, wood, cocoa.



Nose: mineral, smoky, cold ashes, peaty, slightly citrus (orange peel), dried fruits.

Palate: The smoke is clearly dominant, citrus and nuts are setback. A nice fruity finally speak. The acool is quite present and the addition of water does not change it, furthermore it shows a rather unpleasant astringency. Poor swimmer!

Finish: medium length, on peat, with a slight bitterness in the end all.

Comment: For peat lovers.



Color: Deep Amber.
Nose: On the toasted bread, grilled, blackened the barrel, but has a very fine peat and complex. Very barbecue meat with these notes (meat over a wood fire) and greedy with the caramel with salted butter. Opens slowly on floor polish notes (parquet varnish) and smoke grows (fire). Grows on old softwood.
Palate: sweet on the caramel, cream, coffee and bitter cocoa, nuts, charcoal, soot, licorice. Very rich. Quite tannic (the sherry? Or port? ... Or Rioja!) Offsetting a complex and fine peat.


Colour: Old gold
Nose: Smoky, round, maritime, aromatic, peaty, with some seabreeze, camphor and bandage.
Taste: Oaky, round, peaty, smoky, maritime, salty, on seaweeds, some tar, camphor, iodine, wood spices, some citrus and light farmy notes. The finish is long to very long, on tobacco smoke and quid, peat, seaweeds, TCP, creosote, tar, some ashes and farmy notes, with a twist of lemon, oak extracts and some vanilla
Impression: A very good, balanced and rather peaty whisky, probably from Kildalton?



Nose: Peat, sherry nose, burnt sugar, expresso, cereals, roasted nuts

Palate: Sweet and creamy, roasted coffee beans, oak
Complex and well balanced taste

Finish: Long and peaty finish, again with brown sugar, a hint of salt and sea breathe

Very nice Whisky, I think I should buy a bottle.



Nose: intense smoke
Mouth: sweet palate, very smoky, complex, oily
Finish: long, warm



Color: Copper
Nose: stewed fruits (peaches and apricots)
Mouth: Old ron demarara, wood, dried raisin, overriped melon, hazelnuts
Finish: On dried fruits



Colour: dark orange.
Nose: light smokiness, red fruits afterwards.
Palate: peat, red fruits, ham, later and with some water chocolate comes up.
Finish: long and peaty.

Overall: very interesting malt, nice to play with water.



Nose: The aromas are quite powerful. A sweet medicinal peat (smokeless), orange caramel, malt and some nice notes of olives (tapenade). De facto, it gets a little salty. By wave come marshmallows that breaks a little harmony. Nevertheless, it is rather tempting when almonds join the party. A pretty greedy but not too ostentatious nose. Water adds pear vanilla notes.

Palate: This is bold with a medicinal peat, a little meat (light), artificial sugar (it is less nics), vanilla and dark chocolate (little). Damage sugar is too far. This makes the mouth a little too aggressive and obsequious . Adding water does not fundamentally change the situation and does not rebalance the whole.

Final: Peat lasts long with a sweet balance without compensation chocolate. The aftertaste returns to the orange and chocolate, coffee and a hint of olive .

Comment: A whisky that pays its punchy peat sugar combo . It quickly becomes overwhelming and when you leave the nose, there are more than offset the abrasive component. One can appreciate the texture and long finish but it lacks a bit of peripheral flavors. The aftertaste gives it the right way (especially olive notes) .


Nose: The nose is powerful. Gunpowder, notes of wine (grape juice), others slightly toasted and also dried meat smoke notes. It teases but I also find a strange acidit smell.
Taste: Powerful too. Many spices including pepper. Chili pepper too, is amazing. The wood is very presentbut it's still very pleasant, notes or rubber or oil ... chocolate, yet dried meat and smoke.
Finish: Very long on chocolate, ash and smoke.
Conclusion: Really good, complex, powerful and yet, to my taste, I think it lacks a little something to make it huge. Needs a review.


Color: Old Gold
Oily peat seems to dominate the nose that fortunately has other smells in addition. Smoke, hints of firecracker and even some discrete fruits hidden behind it.
The first impression is surprisingly sweet, but soon appears the warmth of the alcohol at the same time that some unexpected bitterness before ending in triumph on peat. A fairly complex palate, although ultimately it is the peat that was the first impression of the nose that dominates without surprise.
A pleasantly long finish, with a mixture of peat and a slightly acidic bitterness.


Nose: Quite closed. Takes a long time to express itself . That being said, after about fifteen minutes , quite discrete aging in sherry aromas appear. I almost feel smellin old Banyuls rather than whisky. The second nose has more spices and nuts (almonds, walnuts ) . It also has a slight "fragrant" and floral side , I almost feel a little violet and lavender. Peat comes after a while but dominates the nose over time .

Palate: The palate does not surprise me , it is powerful , woody, slightly oily , typical of a cask . Many spices . Surely some peat too.

Finish: very long with spicy , floral and peaty hints .

Comments: A very special whisky profile. Is it a complete aging sherry or finish ? I 'm not necessarily amateur although admitting it is easily drink. Was I wrong in my comprension of the peat ? In any case, it is atypical. Is this a young Ledaig ? A Highland Park? A Bunnahabhain ? A Campbeltown ? Hard to say ...


Nose: Dry, smoky fruit tones, aromas of flint and wet autumn leaves. More peated tones and some tar after a while.

Taste: A combination of some sourishness and sweetness. Also characteristics of smokiness and some bitterness as well.

Finish: Gentle, long and spicy.



Nose: Very expressive and complex with iodine , menthol and a hint of wood glue mixed with a delicate peat and softer notes of honey and dates.
The complexity is there, alcohol is well integrated. Brief pleasure is immediate !
With aeration we have the cold smoke ( a smell of stale ashtray filled the room ! ), licorice and some maritime freshness emerges .
It really is a nose that makes you want to go on!

Palate: It is more powerful than the nose lets seem!
The attack is smooth with notes of sweet (maybe a little plum ) and peat rapidly invades the palate followed by a big wave of spices such as white pepper and nutmeg.
The minty sensation returns to finish and brings a bit of freshness.
The finish is long and complex one hand on the scorched earth and cold smoke seems to rise from the bottom of our throat and just revive spice mid palate to finish with a touch of bitterness (nuts ? ) .
With a little water becomes more accurate the final and recalls licorice sticks and blond tobacco.

Conclusion : It is powerful but controlled, complex but not too cerebral brief excellent whisky !


Colour: Polished mahogany
Nose: A great dry hot sherried peaty nose, with a slight winey note. Not really sophisticated, but quite efficient!
Mouth: Wild peat leads the dance. The kind of gamy peat I do enjoy. Very big and bold. Mouth invading. Unfortunately, gets quite sugary after a while, almost cloying. Reminds me of some kind of Tokaji finished Longrow.
Finish: long, heavy and sticky.
Comment: First nose was quite thrilling, with this big wild peat, but quickly loses of its relevance one the sugary side takes the lead. Too bad...



Color: Amber
Nose: fine and elegant, see shy.
dried fruit, spices, a little polish, chocolate and vinous notes.
Some marine notes in the background.
Mouth mouth pretty shy too.
Some fruit, slightly bitter, chocolate and spices.
A very discrete peat (too) in the finish
Final: average.


color: dark with orange reflections

Nose : powerful, moving on smoke then lets go exotic notes. Alcohol quite present . Adding water scares the exotic nose first to reveal more farm notes . The new profile can alienate... my wife separates from the tasting !

mouth explosive attack without dilution is bitter , woody and destructive. Highly water and aeration ! After a few adjustments, it is finally available but reveals nothing greedy. The beverage is salted, smoked and very herbaceous with an astringent wooded back . Evolution is pretty well controlled but you really forget the promises exotic nose before dilution. Tar eventually settled dipping drink in a little more bitterness .

final : The musky bitter nose extends the final moves on a good length. Not against , we must appreciate this kind of fragrances that it becomes a fatal flaw !

The nose , although smoked , suggests something more greedy. The mouth is inaccessible to me without dilution , but the addition of water completely erases the first profile . Remains a whisky with a clear identity but rather off putting . While the mouth is between the farmer and marine atmosphere, the nose does not soften with time . It is powerful but frankly turns into bitterness and hay soaked . In conclusion, a whiskey with a strong personality that makes no concessions . To keep for a stormy day !


Color: Caramel
Nose: The nose has mesmerized me for a long time because of its complexity. Markers of a good sherry peat. Smoked fresh caramelized toast, butter, farmer, blood orange, fresh grass notes of mandarin, raspberry. This is great.
Mouth Oufff it is salty. Tangy, earthy, woody, minty, again, it is very iodized. Rubber. Raspberry brandy.
Final: Exotic its spices (ginger), pastry (dough freshly pulled), herbal (green tea), marine and farm again.

Comment: Very nice complex nose, I think of an old whiskey here. His mouth is extreme and will not please everyone. Personally, I loved it.