Cragganmore (Wilson & Morgan) - Twenty - 20 y.o. - 50%
19F: 19E: 86/100

Cragganmore Twenty

Wilson & Morgan
20 years
Barrel Selection
Bottle details:
distillation: 1993 bottling: 2013
non chill filtered
fûts 1903-1904
price class:

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Nose: Intense herbal aromas, "Maggi" or Marmite and fenugreek seeds,
Polished oak, sherry, vanilla in the background

palate: Wow, very interesting, again very herbal, roasted nuts, bitter chocolate or dark cacao, but somehow sweet at the same time

Finish: Long, sweet in the beginning, getting dryer with tannins, also a bit of cured oak
A warming and perfect dram in front of the open fireplace.

Interesting Whisky with a complex range of aromas, I personally like that style.



“It must be me... but I swear this one is also a PX cask whisky”
This dram has a copper like color.

Nose (85): (5)more than average. honey, wood, meat, floral, citrus. Strange. I think I have already tasted this whisky...

Taste (87): powerful, oily. honey, wood, citrus, spices, pepper, cocoa.

Finish (87): (5)longer than average. honey, wood, cocoa.



Nose: Nice fruity nose (ripe fruit, white fruit, some exotic fruits), cereals, raisins, spices. It is melted and quite difficult to decipher. Water changes the balance, showing the dried fruit.

Taste: very fruity, slightly spicy, sweet without being too sugary. The flavors are well blended, it gives the impression of an old ex bourbon. This is not a crazy complexity but it is very good. The water brings dry fruits but also bitterness.

Final: average length

Comment: No default, a nice malt!



Color: Amber.
Nose first nose paint, rubber, nuts (walnut cake) and a basket of dried fruit (raisins, hazelnuts, almonds), net perfume cream coffee, then (but pleasant!!) opens with honey, lemon, lemongrass, oak.
Palate: fruity (citrus, tropical fruit), juicy, spicy, very woody. Cocoa and espresso black) well roasted! (malted barley, popcorn).
Final: return on nuts, black coffee, dark chocolate.


Nose: light Sherry
Mouth: very complex, creamy chocolate, dry Sherry
Finish: medium long



Couleur: copper
Nose: Vegetable (celery) Fruits (peaches)
Mouth: Fresh walnuts, yellow wine
Finish: On the walnuts



Nose: A frank attack on the sherry. Woody, dried fruits (hazelnuts, walnuts), candied plum. Fairly standard after all, it feels a little alcohol but in a "medicinal" way. Aeration develops animal notes around leather and musk, very light sulfur touches.

Palate: concentrated, fat, on the wood and animal notes (quite present).

Finish: long on leather.

Comments: A sherry whisky that may seem traditional but I enjoyed the typical (animal notes). It has complexity, but I like this style because different from many other sherry whiskys.


Nose: On the saffron, curry, pepper, lots of chocolate, coffee, a little leather. A very elegant sherry mainly on spices. Beautiful power, no alcohol.
Palate: Lots of matter but not alcohol. Wood, tobacco box, chocolate, coffee, still curry, nuts, praline and caramel. Greedy, plus the texture is very fat, very thick. Super interesting.
Finish: Long on these toffee notes.
Conclusion: I like this sherry. Powerful, complex and quite demonstrative but no trace of alcohol. 90 +


Colour: red gold.
Nose: spicy, fruity, some wood, cacao with water some dried fruits (apricots).
Palate: spicy, nutmeg (Muskatnuss), Cacao, some dark wood, some dried fruits as well as ashes come up when adding water.
Finish: nutmeg lasts quite long.
Overall: very spicy dram really interesting, this needs some water in my opinion.



Nose: A very sherry nose heavily drawing on the nut at the opening. The dry fruit is diversifying (dates, hazelnut) and comes with chocolate mocha (in interlaced), honey and a little wild strawberries (but it is rather light). All fits together but there is a little too much alcohol to really be conquered. Prolonged opening (and water) confirms the growing presence of mocha but demonstrates that there is still a little fat around the flavors.

Taste: Still alcohol but notes of nuts pie, honey and grenadine around oscillations of coffee. Adding water is not very favorable to him reducing the taste palette and a drier (chocolate, light oak), even if it is more easily drinkable. It is rather good, rather diffuse but lacks a (more accurate) "technical" dimension to convince us.

Finale: We have here the hard mocha but maintaining a certain softness. It lacks punch and length but the last note is undoubtedly pleasant. The aftertaste returns to the gooseberry .

Comment: A good sherry , well balanced in the background but is still a prisoner of alcohol. While some flavors are not very significant (grenadine, rather industrial , alcohol remains) , the accuracy of the nuts and mocha (nose and final) will make you want to dive again.


Color: Old Gold
Plum jam, sherry and smells of dried fruit give the nose an unusual exuberance. This does not announce a traditional whisky, but something spicy, original ... Briefly, a whisky I like. A nice crisp addition to the sherry gives it a very nice complexity.
In the mouth, there is this strange combination of plum jam and just ripe fruit, then with very light notes of coffee, mocha. Atypical whisky course, but we would like more of this stuff.
The finish is long and warm. This time with a clear domination by mocha and coffee.


Nose: At first spiciness with wood tones, but also raisins (sultanas). After that clear sweet sherry tones (Pedro Ximénez) as well.

Taste: Somewhat bitter with a slight sweetness and spicy. In the taste the sultana influences are present also.

Finish: Medium long, spicy and again some light sultana influences.



Colour: Gold old gold
Nose: Smooth, on cooked and candied fruits, waxy, on beeswax, a hint of smoke, some tangerine, peach, apricots and other fruits. Well balanced.
Taste: Spicy, slightly coastal and salty, juicy, rich, slightly waxy and grassy, on cooked fruits, fruit jam, some smoke and nice round aromatic and floral notes. The finish is medium, waxy, grassy, fruity, bold, and slightly spicy, on cooked fruits, apples, pears, tangerine, some sultanas, melon a hint of peat smoke and some other fruity and slightly floral notes.
Impression: A lovely whisky, well balanced, harmonious, bold, rich and fruity. A whisky definitely worth trying than I thoroughly enjoyed.



Nose: Quite expressive on prunes in brandy, grapes, fresh nuts.
There are also notes of precious woods and spices (turmeric) but alcohol is a little too present.
With aeration, feels less alcohol and found a beautiful expression of fruity sherry!
Palate: The attack is round and sweet plum on the particular then becomes spicier (wood chips, tandoori spices) and ends on the fresh nut. The power of the nose is found in the mouth dries the palate a bit and ask a few drops of water to mitigate the phenomenon.
The final becomes more expressive with Zan (Haribo Licorice), rolling tobacco and moist smell of old books.

An interesting whisky with a beautiful cherry color, a good range of flavors but can be a little too stereotyped and too pronounced presence of alcohol just spoils the party for my taste ...


Colour: Chestnut.
Nose: Starts on some nice hard caramel. A good old roudoudou, if that rings a bell… Quite oaky. Ground wood (strange, hey?). Soft spices. Something acetic and fruity at the same time. Raspberry vinegar? And some whiffs of alcohol despite the reasonable ABV (48%?). No obvious flaws, but not really thrilling.
Mouth: Soft, but certainly not cloying. Probably more alcohol than I first thought. Seems closer to 60% than 50%, actually. Rich and creamy, with a little coffee now. Quite monolithic as far as flavours is concerned, I’m afraid. Gets much better with a (large) drop of water, opening up on some nice pineapple notes.
Finish: The best part! Long, with obvious big red cherries, and a little burnt wood at the end. And a pinch of salt in the aftertaste.
Comment: A robust and straightforward malt for those who like it hot. And a great swimmer!



Color: Deep gold
Nose: rather sherry on nuts, cocoa, honey, dried fruit, notes of wine and a lot of spices.
Mouth, mouth to nose with the same nuts even more present.
sherry or whisky?
Finish: long on nuts and honey


Nose: Fresh, a hint of cereal, pepper and light match.

mouth alcohol dominates the first mouth but leaves little room for casting and pepper caramel. Adding water is very welcome, more plant, paper mache and a hint of wood. The opening is very friendly and gaining length with more fat in the mouth. Over time, the nose is more complex, turning on exotic fruit.

final: good length or plants mingle with caramel (toffee).

Very closed at the first tasting, adding water reveals an elegant drink, surprising and very pleasant. While subtle, the flavors are well blended and quite atypical.


Color: Copper
Nose: Affirmed, oaky, on leather, smoked animal. Rather pungent. Include fermentation sherry. Walnut vinegar. Notes of star anise.
Taste: Chocolate First, evolving on nut, hazelnut. Remains smooth but intense on the acacia honey. Evolves much on herbs (tarragon).
Finish: Long, in the mocha, the bitterness until his end.

Comment: Beautiful and powerful sherry, well done.


appearance: light amber
nose: medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, sweet apples, raisins, prunes, dry sherry, black coffee (after breathing)
taste: medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, black coffee, sulfur, slightly bitter, fruits remain in the background
finish: medium