Bunnahabhain (Wilson & Morgan) - Twenty Three - 23 y.o. - 45,7%
19F: 19E: 86/100

Bunnahabhain Twenty Three

Wilson & Morgan
23 years
Barrel Selection, 20yo & older
Bottle details:
distillation: 1989 bottling: 2013
non chill filtered cask strength
fûts 5817/18
Sherry PX finish
price class:

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Nose: Toffee, fudge, exotic fruits, white fruits, dry fruits. After a few minutes it becomes complex and well architected. Later some spices are felt. A little leather and blond tobacco. Balance is always good!
With water fruity flavors open out, other ingredients becoming a little secondary. It is always very well balanced.

Palate: gorgeous! I'm having trouble using the spittoon with this one ... Alcohol is perfectly integrated, we can find here all the ingredients and the complexity of the nose.
Whith water whisky becomes silky, always superb.

Finish: Long, hot, with a very slight hint of bitterness over.

Comment: Great malt! I love it!



“Interesting whisky with a hint of wood and PX”
This dram has a gold like color.

Nose (89): (5)more than average. honey, citrus, floral, spices, cinnamon, wood, candies.

Taste (87): powerful, oily. honey, citrus, wood, spices, apples, cocoa.

Finish (87): (5)longer than average. honey, wood, cocoa.



Colour: Old gold.
Nose: pastry notes of marzipan, cookie butter, butterscotch, wax (waxed floor), slightly cool on the mint, lemon.
Adding a water feature develops notes of apple and pear, and more floral and herbaceous notes.
Taste: Rather sweet of caramel, citrus, and quite raised on sweet spices (ginger, nutmeg). Grows on (very floral even) more floral notes, including heather, purple (dried flowers).
With water, much creamier, more flexible.
Final: On dry fruits (prunes, raisins).


Nose: very weak, citrus fruits, not very complex
Mouth: bubble bath foam, peppermint, dark chocolate, very light
Finish: medium long, garden herbs



Color: Gold
Nose: Exotic fruits (mango, pineapple, apricot)
Mouth: Rice powder, sake, cinnamon, coming back of exotic fruits



Nose: pears in syrup, applesauce, quince jelly. Almond paste, hazelnut powder and Play Doh dough! It may sound strange but it's what this whisky makes me think of! That said, the nose is very pleasant. Strong woody hints after aeration and quite a lot of oriental spices (cumin, raz el anout).

Palate: Concentrated, slightly evanescent. Tangy, spicy.

Finish: long on spices

Comments: A whisky tasting which may seem conventional when reading. Nevertheless, I find it very good as it has a long finish and is round.


Colour: dark gold.
Nose: strong fruitiness with peaches and ripe pears followed by sweet cakes.
Palate: fruity, some peaches, pears, later on some lemon sorbet and sweet herbal notes, a hint of smoke at the end?
Finish: medium long.

Overall: very nice and complex dram, needs some time while drinking.



Nose: A lovely aromatic density immediately . Almonds, white flowers, caramel, dark chocolate, raspberry. With the opening few notes of soap and a smoke touch appear above. There was then the mineral (cold stone) and especially exotic notes which will explode. Curry too but primarily a cocktail accompanying a meat dish (with fire) and spicy , but also sweet Turkish delight recalling fat, rose alcohol. The approach, still with the iodine tends to invite us to dinner at other latitudes. An exotic nose with flavors of travel silted but deserved a stronger rooting. Prolonged opening asleep a little with the return of cold stone .

Palate: Too bad the warm charm of the nose is lost. It has a sharp attack on dark chocolate (pretty good incidentally) and then on the fresh orange with some rose (but it's still a non obstrusive). Then come oriental touches (couscous vegetables) , the smoked meat (still feel the fire) but without really breaking. No need for water (which just may drown), the texture is very good. It's not ultra complex and it's a bit linear input but it is progressing well iafter a short while.

Final: warm spices and milk chocolate. We find without any aggressiveness the oriental notes and simmered meat notes (they would have liked more pugnacious). The aftertaste is coal and chocolate , with a mineral freshness.

Comment: A charming whisky. It is one of those drams that send pictures and moods by their scents (like a Talisker 57 North evokes an island in the storm). We share a little in the East but also in North Africa with a spicy and delicious invitation. It is not without flaws of course (dark chocolate too invasive in the mouth , lack of balance and power), but it's a nice discovery.


Nose: First dust and hot sand. Let's wait. Very difficult to engage. Some sweet notes: honey, fruit cake. Some malt. Very light notes of praline and salted caramel. After more than 45 minutes, it finally began to fully unfold. It was then much fruit: apricots, mango ... Finally we have to wait but it is very good.
Palate: Lots of roundness, sweetness: honey, sugar, light toasted notes, some fruit without them is being frankly severable. Blond tobacco, and a bit of wood. Nice, sweet, well done, very balanced.
Finish: Medium length and always on the sweetness. We much saliva.
Conclusion: The palate is nice, flawless. Nose when it is at first very closed and opens with fruity notes very pleasant. A very delicious whisky with a lot of potential with the opening bottle


Color: beautiful amber highlights.

Nose: Light but very nice. Herbaceous notes with a hint of interesting acidity.

Palate: powerful turning quickly on woody notes. Development on quickly astringent and slightly bitter spice. All fades quickly. The water peak crush perfume but reveals more flavors. However, the whole is mostly woody and grassy, less fleeing but relatively little trunk. The bitter finish is unfortunately still very present.

Final: medium length, the spice turns on cereals and the bitterness of tea brewed too.

The first perfumes are a lot of promises but lack the brew length and development to be really interesting. However, it is far from unpleasant. Cordial or aperitif. Leaving him time, it sets a pleasant atmosphere.


Color: Gold
The nose has a mixture of sherry and fruit dominating in turn. This diversity gives an interesting complexity. A hint of cut grass is even present after a few moments.
On the palate, very complex, at least a rapid variation in the range of tastes. Based on floral notes, one quickly reaches the sherry, then something more bitter to return to a pleasant sweetness of ripe fruit after a few moments.

The finish is long as desired, but only retains the last impression of the mouth, the ripe fruit.


Colour: Gold
Nose: Rich, floral, intense, with some fruits of the orchards as well as some notes of peach. Rather complex.
Taste: Very smooth, rich, round, intense, floral, rather waxy, with some cardamom, humus, and light fruity notes. The finish is medium to long, waxy, on fruit jam, a hint of smoke, some grassy notes and pink grapefruit.
Impression: A rather heavy and waxy whisky, rich and fruity, well balanced and matured. A type of whiskies that I enjoy savouring.



Nose: Nice spicy (powerful), sherry tones, raisins, fresh cigars, little smoky wood tones and some chocolate.

Taste: Very spicy, woody tones (little bit bitterness) and a subtle sweetness (liquorice).

Finish: Long and spicy.



Colour: Burnished.
Nose: Very atypical. Uncommon flavours. Things are happening in there, but they are difficult to pin down. Perhaps some Chinese sweet and sour dish. Roasted pork and pineapple. And quite some grated dry bark. Guarana powder.
Mouth: Oh yes! Lots of honey roasted pork indeed! Roasted and smoked! Hickory smoked ham. You can call it peat, but this is a very strange kind of peat. Very sweet and very… hamy. Unfortunately, the sourness has vanished, and the low ABV (43%?) emphasizes a lack of crispiness.
Finish: Really too sugary now (quite cloying, actually), and getting strangely bitter. An uncommon combo.
Comment: Strange whisky from A to Z. I found it fun at first and liked the nose quite much, but gave up after a while because of its heavy sugariness.



Nose: Little smoke with a whiff of sea, a short impression of an old bottle, little alcohol, a bit vegetal, mouldy,
With water some traces of vanilla, coconut, somehow fresh
Palate: Alcohol more present, zesty and also a bit ethereal,
with water more pleasant in the first impression but also more boring, better w/o water
Finish: Long, a little bitter chocolate, more alcohol than expected from nosing,
Dry mouth feel but sweet at the same time, flavours cryptically, a whisky to discover.



Nose: At the opening of the sample, it is bright (orange peel) on notes of pastry dough and raw butter pie .
The alcohol is well integrated , the dress does not cling to the glass, it is surely a whisky at 43%; added to its beautiful color with hints of old gold that makes me think this malt is at least twenty years old!
Aeration brings out a little more cinnamon and green notes with anise and melon (adding water to avoid reinforcing the almost leguminous green side ... )

Taste: It was an attack on a wave of fruit that was unexpected at the nose and well sweet that invaded the palate with notes of toasted grains unfortunately swept by a mix melon/green almond with a ( too ) high bitterness !
Adding water will not make a miracle for my taste because it highlights the woody side and increases the sensation of bitterness ...

Conclusion : Bitterness dominates and it is quite evanescent

This may be a lowland or (too) old central highland Glenturret kind?
The green side and bitterness too pronounced imbalance a malt yet having a nice nose and an attack ... it's a shame !


Color: Gold
Nose: starts on a beautiful marine peat fire, seaweed, oysters and a lot of grain.
Then we have more gourmand notes of sherry? On dried fruits and spices.
Palate: well balanced, peat is less marked than in the nose while sherry notes are present.
A lot of spices, dried fruits, dark chocolate and a slight peat and marine notes.
Finish: rather long on a mix sherry peat pretty well.


Color: Copper with green reflections
Nose: Evokes the scent of young creamy sherry, vinous. Dry almonds, walnuts, walnut, figs, raisins. Shoot meat extract (eg viandox.)
Opens possibly more suave smooth, honeyish, cooler.
Taste: anise, brown sugar. Cinnamon, malt, hint of smoke. All in all, a little sherry complex for my taste.
Final: Return of the hot meat, caramelized sweet. Turns sour, dry.
Comment: The water makes it more salty, more wooded. Not bad at all but unimaginative.


appearance: yellow gold
nose: low to medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, exotic fruits (mango, papaya), marshmallows, cinnamon, very nice, a shame the nose lacks a bit of intensity to reach the milestone of 90 points
taste: medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, Big Red chewing gum, marshmallows, cumin, dry peat on the finish (? amazing, I had no trace of peat during the rest of the tasting)
finish: medium