Springbank ( Official) - Longrow Red, 11 years - 11 y.o. - 52,1%
19F: 19E: 87/100

Springbank Longrow Red, 11 years

11 years
Bottle details:
non chill filtered cask strength
7 years bourbon + 4 years Cabernet Sauvignon casks
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Nose: Sweet and luscious. Ripe fruit, spices (pepper). Smoke, a little ash, peat, iodine. Later, creosote and pine resin. In the background a little bit of acidity. After a few minutes of aeration sweet / gourmand side early is totally faded, giving way to a greasy peat. After adding water medicinal peat and resin take over.

Mouth : Sweet, beautiful alcoholic integration, followed by a blast of peaty / ashy flavors and fruit. All is sweet enough but given the intensity of the peat is not really annoying. With water peat and resin (bonbon des Vosges) clearly dominates, the fruits become changed into citrus. All this is very nice!

Finish: medium length, on peat and ripe fruit.

Comment: Very nice whisky, very demonstrative.



“A peated whisky with a wine touch that remind me of Moscatel”
This dram has a gold like color.

Nose (91): (5)more than average. peat, citrus, earth, fruity, salt. Is this a wine finished whisky?

Taste (88): powerful, oily. peat, wood, honey, cocoa, sultanas. Maybe moscatel? PX?

Finish (88): (5)longer than average. wood, peat, cocoa.



Colour: Old gold hued pinkish.
Nose: The first nose slightly peppery, quite original (fermented fruit, very ripe orange), winey, honey, but also smoked fish (for aeration).
Palate: bright and bubbly (about iodine?). On exotic fruits (pineapple) and citrus (lemon, grapefruit).
Final: iodine and somewhat soapy edge, a hint of smoke.


Nose: Red fruits, plums, wine aromas, sweet, cold fireplace
A Talisker nose in my view

Palate: Peppery, later peat and smoke with lots of spices, dark fruits and cereals
A hint of perfume, but not bad

Finish: Long and dry finish with long lasting peat smoke


Nose: herbs, cold smoke, oak wood
Mouth: smoky, crispy bacon, citrus fruits,very dry
Finish: very long and warm



Color: Gold
Nose: Peat, Seashell, Rope
Mouth: Balsamic vinegar, red fruits (cherries), black chocolate, coffee
Finish: Balanced



Nose: Peat and sherry , this is the first thing I think smelling the sample just emptied into the glass. Notes of black olives and oil are present after aeration. Sure peat wraps a light smoke and hints of menthol , almost medicated Vicks way. Some spices (nutmeg, coriander). The more whisky aerates , the more it releases meaty smells, musky and almost organic. A slight sulfur and vinegary touches.
An unusual nose, moderately complex and intense despite a (in my opinion) young age.

Taste: Very oily , alcohol is controlled. The nose can be found easily with a nice roundness , sweet touches and smells sour .

Finish: long and warm on peat and long drug overtones.

Comments: I feel that this whisky is young (error or not?) . I'll bet on a young IB Ledaig or IB Laph 10 years. Note that this is a very special profile that may not be appropriate for the greatest number. In any case, regardless of age , I love it!


Colour: light copper
Nose: smokiness followed by sweet and flowery flavours with water notes of apples come up
Palate: smoky, sweet apple cake with a touch of Lavender
Finish: long and smoky

Overall: very tasty and quite straight, some drops of water could enrich the taste



Nose: This is very sweet with lots of toffee, chocolate, licorice and light smoke. Then a basket of clementine prompt. There is also honey. It's pretty disgusting and a little coarse in flavor. A scent of diabetes sum but must admit that it is rather nice (in moderation).

Palate: This is quite rich (soft texture, comforting) with notes of pastry, vanilla, honey, a little chocolate and a ton of oranges. Then a licorice smokethat grows in the mouth. It's pretty well done, but too disgusting (sweet).

Finale : We now have the bitterness of licorice , orange and a little caramel chocolate to accompany the remaining smoke (fire). Less saturated than the nose and mouth.

Comment: An ultra sweet whisky, direct and clearly aimed at aficionados of sweet flavors. It quickly became too much and one cl is enough to mark its glucose footprint. Too bad because the building was rather interesting.


Nose: Nice notes of both earthy and oily peat, vegetal and limit farmy. This farmer side (chicken) asserts with aeration. There are also more fat scents of smoked meat kind. Fur also. It is clear, precise and quite powerful. In addtion things change quickly between different flavors. A nice nose !
Mouth: Bouah ! This is pretty huge. Initially very chiseled the first few seconds (flint). Then it was an explosion of flavors and it goes in all directions: coffee, peat of all kinds, dried meat, sherry, lots of chocolate, saline scent but also many spices including pepper, and finally fresher notes, slightly minty. Just everything.
Finish: Very long. The final is on chocolate, dried meat , smoke ... A bit drying however (gotta a small defect ).
Conclusion : A great deal of fun with this sample. I do not know what it could be but it is good. A great Bruichladdich ? a good PC? Brora an old 70's sherry ? 92 +


Nose: immediately smoked and a meaty and farmy side.

Palate: warm, powerful, completing the nose but actually quite elusive at first sip. The farmy side is very present, decreasing rather on iodine and slightly licorice notes. With water, perfumes become more sophisticated and make it a more integrated whole. As a result, the gap between the attack and the body is not as obvious and drink are gaining a lot.

Final: peat and smoke, with a quite a long licorice final.

With a touch of water, finds a good balance. Frank and generous, very pleasant in the evening.


Color: Old Gold
A relatively discreet nose showing hints of smoke and some farmy smells. A slight sense of stable. With a little aeration, the nose is a little less discreet and richer in its palette. A slight tingling due to alcohol is quite annoying.
In the mouth alcohol remains present and once past the first few seconds and tingling, this whisky opens with a nice range of tastes, dominated by peat impressions. Chocolate, coffee, all well balanced. A very pleasant mouth.
The finish is long and the memory of coffee is long in the mouth.


Nose: Fresh, but also immediately fragrances of fruit in wooden boxes. Some smoky notes and spiciness as well. The freshness in the beginning changes in warm tones after a while...very nice.

Taste: Clear smoky notes, but pretty subtle, sweetness, spicy and some bitterness.

Finish: Long, spicy and some bitterness.



Colour: Old gold with salmony hues.
Nose: Oh! This is nice! A mouth watering combo of sweet fruits (yellow prunes, crystallized lemons) and soft peat. Orange flavoured sugar candy. The typical softness you get in greatly well balanced high ABV malts. Wouldn’t be surprising if this one reaches 55%. Unofolds on nice farmy notes now. Very engaging nose.
Mouth: Yep. This is great indeed! A fantastic mouthfeel. Soft and creamy, wild and fruity, bold, farmy, luscious, and perfectly sustained by the best alcoholic balance you can dream of.
Finish: Tasty and fruity, with a nice, long, ashy aftertaste.
Comment: Refill sherry cask strength peaty malt (hard guess?) at its best. Creamy, luscious, fruity, and incredibly satisfying. If you’re in this kind of malt, jump on this one! I simply find it great.



Colour: Gold
Nose: Very smooth and soft, malty, floral, with a touch of fudge.
Taste: Light, floral, slightly fragrant, malty, on hay and some bitter floral notes, with a zest of bitter orange and some apricot juice. The finish is medium to long, fragrant, floral, slightly bitter, grassy and on hay.
Rating: A whisky with a rather unique flavour profile, reminding me of some whiskies of lost Lowlands distillery. This is not too much to my taste, but well worth a try.



Nose: On opening the nose is powerful and has medicinal and peaty side ( lightly smoked ) with a strong solvent and iodine notes , it is surely a whisky at 50% or more hanging well down the glass.
With aeration notes become a little greedy and sweet as salted butter , cream, eggs and some fruits (pear, ripe banana ) .

With water alcohol is less present in the nose and smells seem more balanced , solvent fades a little in favor of smoke and candied fruit

Palate: The attack is very soft and fine smoke is very round in the mouth with candied fruit and smoke takes over with a pinch of salt at the bottom of mouth.
Adding water makes it very bold and almost syrupy mouth with a reminder of the fruit.

The finish is marked by a slight bitterness (licorice ) which is quickly dissipated by the cold smoke (especially by adding water) that seems to float in the mouth for a long time !

Conclusion : An attractive copper color , a subtle and complex nose with a little aeration and muscular mouth but a continuation of the nose mouth, short is efficient and pleasant , it is fun !


Color: Gold
Nose: starts on the cloves, quite original.
Then there is a medicinal peat, iodine notes, seaweed and seafood and a healthy dose of spice and chocolate.
Mouth: The mouth is in the continuity of the nose, full of originality.
Nice balance between peat, marine notes and sherry.
It was the nuts, iodine, some rubber but light and some fresh fruit on the finish.
Finish: long with a slight bitterness and a mix fruit / peat / iodine.


Colour: Pale gold
Nose: Salty peat, light smoke, a little camphor, dry, beeswax, haddock, evolves on the farm and on milk.
Eventually opens, warm ashes, cough syrup, rather medicinal.
Taste: Tangy, downright acid, then went on salt and pepper, smoked caramel, then chocolate becomes. There followed a good classic sherry notes. Notes of lychee.
Finale: Very short on almonds, milk chocolate, sweet sugar. Key humidity old cellar.
Comment: Complete in general, referred me Springbank, Highland Park or even Ardmore.


appearance: yellow gold
nose: medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, peaty sweetness, malty, fresh grain, cooked fruits, marine freshness, oyster juice, old ashtray, well mixed flavors while keeping their own personality
taste: medium to strong intensity, well integrated alcohol, peat and smoke more present than on the nose, marine, cooked fruits, ginger, taste also of high quality
finish: medium