Tamdhu ( Official) - 10 years (edition 2013) - 10 y.o. - 43%
19F: 19E: 84/100

Tamdhu 10 years (edition 2013)

10 years
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Nose: fruit compote and fresh white fruit. Quickly nose is more greedy, fruit compote become tart tatin. With water flavors weakens and a (very) slight bitterness appears.

Taste: Sweet and fruity start. The alcohol is well integrated. We can find the white fruit . The intensity is a little lower than expected, perhaps a dilution of 46 °. The water does not change much, except that any alcohol sensation disappears.

Final: average length but bitterness too pronounced for my taste.

Comment: Sadly the palate is weaker than the nose.



“It looks like a PX cask Glendronach”
This dram has a fino like color.

Nose (90): (5)more than average. Honey, vanilla, tobacco, spices, floral, citrus.

Taste (88): powerful, oily. Honey, spices, wood, cinnamon, cocoa.

Finish (88): (5)longer than average. Honey, wood, cocoa.



Colour: Old gold.
Nose: pastry notes of marzipan, vanilla, caramel, malted barley, fresh citrus (bitter orange)
Mouth rather fat first, the milk chocolate, very creamy and gaining sweet spices (cinnamon, four spices, clove tip), then becomes very "citrus" and especially lemon (zest).
Finale: Fresh on citrus, licorice.


Colour: Old gold
Nose: Big, intense, bold, with lots of toffee and fudge, some vegetal extracts and faint floral notes.
Taste: Very smooth, soft, floral, creamy, on fudge and spices, with a hint of smoke and maybe some light sea breeze? The finish is medium to long, soft, smooth, creamy, on fudge with some light spicy notes.
Impression: A very smooth, soft and delicate whisky, almost silky, with pleasant notes of cream fudge. A nice treat.



Nose: dark chocolate, Toffee, Maggi, perfume
Mouth: very creamy, very, very dry



Color: Gold
Nose: Complex, granny smith apple, tangerine,salt, dust, minerality (shalk), spices
Finish: Medium



Nose: It is rather light . Some apple pie, cream, egg ,anise. Then some chocolate milk and wheat. That does not seem very aromatic (remote odors) and ventilation makes it neutral around slightly lemony grain notes accompanied by a discrete freshness (between mineral and vegetable).

Palate: A little chestnut on the palate and lemon finally arrives and everything mingles with the addition of some spices . It's a bit spirity with a slight tongue tingle. Adding water increases (as often the presence of spices, adds a hint of chocolate and annihilates a little the lemon. Better or worse , still fairly interesting.

Finale: It is rather short. Some rather present lemon and spices even after adding a few drops of water. The aftertaste is pretty fresh again.

Comment: A pretty boring dram . From the nose, no personality develops. The little touches of chestnut are the main attraction in the mouth while the finish is short and rather unpleasant .


Colour: deep gold.
Nose: sandal wood and fruits, slightly sour.
Palate: wood, mushrooms, later sweet cakes, a slight bitterness campaign the whole taste.
Finish: long and woody.

Overall: it is ok but would be not my favourite.



Nose: The nose is very fresh, spring: floral, fruity, delicate. Creamy notes also: yogurt with fruit, candy, cream, creme brulee. Much more greedy after ventilation with the creamy vanilla and scents.
Taste: Very straight, live on ripe fruits (mainly apricots and peaches). This is very good, very fruity in style Tomatin '76. Mid palate, it has more material with a bit of wood, there is no mint but fresh notes.
Finish: Long on this very nice mix of fruit
Conclusion: A very good fruity whisky. Easydrinkable ... dangerously. Really good 89 +


Color: very pale gold.

Nose: floral at first approach then quickly pastry (pastry before baking). Moving towards a handful of spices with time. Beautiful presence and promises. The glass bottom is beautiful.

Taste: The first sip is surprisingly quite dry and astringent. The vegetal side is more developed , but the aromatic palette is much broader and interesting: plants, flowers, white fruit. With a good balance and good complexity, alcohol is becoming well integrated allowing to enjoy without reducing it.

Final : average table fades quickly. But with finesse and flawless !

Here is an interesting complexity to the whisky. From the first nose, it is offers several facettes, covering their tracks . The mouth is rather surprising at first, but I was impressed by the complexity and subtlety of flavors. I also appreciated the successful integration of alcohol. An unfortunate accident of glass allows me to express myself as just over a centiliter and that's a shame because this whisky was a friendly meeting .


Color: Light gold
Nose first presents a rather unpleasant smell of yeast, one of the few scents that I'm perfectly allergic in a whisky ... Fortunately next to that smell, other pleasant aromas develop, fruity and a little malt or chocolate.
The first impression on the palate is much more pleasant than the nose was, even though we may regret a little power, a slightly higher alcohol content would probably have developed more tastes of chocolate, malt and ripe fruit than detected.
The finish is long and warm. Here too are the memories of malt and chocolate dominate


Nose: Clear fruit and sherry notes, but also a little bit sourish and wood tones. Some more spicy notes in the nose after a while.

Taste: Smooth tasting, some sour, slightly bitter and with a touch of sweetness.

Finish: Medium long, some spicy and light wood tones.



Nose: quite closed first. Takes time to express itselve. Some sulfur (scraped matches) emerges and it is mostly spices that arise (cumin, cinnamon, coriander, vanilla) and a pastry side (jam, marzipan).

Mouth diluted he seems. The nose follows the mouth accurately.

Finish: long on spices.

Comments: A well made whisky, easily drinkable, nice, no real default if this is the severe lack of personality. Should appeal to the uninitiated.


Colour: Amontillado Sherry.
Nose: Starts slightly rooty before opening up on soft spices and toffee. Quality Street assortment. And a hint of honey. Gingerbread. And a pinch of pepper in the background. Vanilla ice cream with caramelized roasted macadamia nuts. Turns more citrusy after a while, which nicely balances the soft and rather stereotyped start. Finally quite pleasant and surprisingly complex given my first impression.
Mouth: Quite tasty, but deceptively flat at the same time. Nice orangey notes, and lots of clove. A little cough syrup too. A rather consensual whisky, that lacks oomph (40% ?).
Finish: Short, with more toffee now, and unexpected tannins.
Comment: A typical example of a malt that would really have deserved being bottled at a higher strength. Seems to have been crafted as a mass market product. Just decent, while it could have been much more enjoyable.



Nose: Subtle alcohol, reminds me of a refill sherry or sherry finish in the first impression,
Sweet, candy, vanilla, cake batter
Palate: Very sweet, getting dryer towards the end, creamy, needs no water,
Very similar to the nose
Finish: Medium to long, turning a bit bitter with notes of European oak,
Overall very difficult to discover for me, but that makes it an interesting Whisky



Nose: Opens smoothly on pear and caramel.
Alcohol is completely melted (I'd say about 40%) and there is no excessive woody side , it just feels a touch of polish with a touch of cinnamon which gives a well balanced whole.
We feel the potential behind (and perhaps a certain age) who will need more time to express itself!
With aeration the nose becomes more sweet and fruity with juice of apricot, ripe pineapple and coconut.
After a few minutes it is a real fruit cocktail !

mouth : From the first sip the promise of the nose is confirmed with a gentle attack on exotic fruits .
It's bold and it melts in your mouth like candy then crunches the fruit with a bit of acidity and spice , there is a hint of bitterness that comes boost the back of the mouth recalling the coconut freshly grated and milk!
The final (somewhat short ) is very nice with this touch of coconut disappearing gradually to finish on roasted fruits such as pineapple.

Conclusion : With a little aeration is a very nice and well balanced whisky , melted his nose and without aggressive spices leads me to think that we are in the presence of a venerable malt (maybe a quarter of a century or more on counter ! ) that requires some attention to enjoy all its advantages!


Color: Gold
Nose: rather marked by sherry on the nuts, a little sulfur, caramel, lots of caramel :)
Mouth: The drum is present, there is a fairly strong astringency.
It was the nuts, honey, spices and dried fruit.
Finish: rather long but astringent.


Color: Apricot
Nose: Well, apricot too. Yoghurt with apricot precisely. Wooded. Grenier (wet), dusty old vanilla, milk definitely.
Palate: sweet attack, key sulfur, slightly herbaceous (chervil, parsley, touch of anise), white flowers? Still lack body, character.
Final: Aqueous, absent? Of drought.

Comment: Seems rather young, the distillate, despite his side "juice timber." Tired cask or did I miss something here?


Appearance: yellow gold
nose: medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, caramel candy, linen fabric, jasmine tea, coffee beans, very melted flavours that are hard to recognize
taste: low to medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, in line with the nose for both aromas and melting of aromas
finish medium