Springbank (Master of Malt) - 19 years #482 - 19 y.o. - 55,2%
18F: 18E: 85/100

Springbank 19 years #482

Master of Malt
19 years
Single Cask Series
Bottle details:
non chill filtered cask strength
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Color: Straw.

Nose: A big peated nose. Burnt leather, black smoke. A feint sea breeze in the background. Raw oil. Quickly the force of this peat softens, unveiling some green grass.

Mouth: Some ether, a rather sharp alcool attack. A lemon drop and some vegetals in this phenolic flood.

Finish: The tongue and the throat are on fire. Ouch ! If there is anything else it's engulfed in the fire and the burnt rubber.

Verdict: A big peated Islay profile, which leaves me unmoved (I am no Islay fan). Maybe it's a good burnt peated profile for who can appreciate it, which is not my case.



Colour: straw

Nose: Very complex with overripe fruits (grapes, apples) and some cereals.

Mouth: It starts slightly sourish with citric notes and some salt, then tropical fruits and some wax appear. Again a very complex flavour.

The finish is long, fruity and a bit waxy all in all a very interesting and tasty malt.



Nose: sulfur (a little), a slight peat smoke, plum jam. A rather unusual nose. Very present acidity keys. I do not know if this is because of the presence of sulfur, but I would call it almost nose to "industrial", in relation to the consistency of flavor.

Palate: oily, sweet and very smoky.

Finish: long on fruits smoked.

Comments: very interesting and confusing as atypical, especially compared to the aromatic combination. I will go on a islands whisky (rather Islay, Laphroaig kind) or campbeltown, fairly old, not reduced, from second or more fill cask. I liked it even though it is far from exceptional.


“Looks like a 10 to 12 years old bottled at 48%? Not bad at all but quite herbal for my taste”
This dram has a fino like color.

Nose (85): (5)more than average. honey, grass, herbs, citrus.

Taste (89): powerful, oily. honey, citrus, spices, pineapple, peat.

Finish (88): (5)longer than average. honey, citrus, smoke.



Nose: resin, glue, herbs, rubber. A whiff of peat moss. At aeration, these scents are present but all seems clean, fresher, cleaner, more up.
Taste: Again, this plant, peat rubbery. Difficult to describe. Maybe a little gasoline. The mid palate is evolving positively on peat and pepper.
Finish: Long and peat and peppermint.
Conclusion: Quite unusual and confusing. A very strange and unusual peat. An interesting whisky


Nose: cold ash, smoked side, woody, licorice, lemon, vanilla, menthol side (?)

Palate: Very sweet salty mixture / with cold ash, licorice and vanilla lemon side

Finish: long and very pleasant mulling pleasure


Color: Light gold
A pretty nose combining overripe fruit with notes of smoke and green apple and citrus, with pretty interesting liquorice notes. A rich nose with avariety of odors, strong contrast, a nice freshness while maintaining a certain balance. A very nice nose anyway
The first impression in the mouth is metallic before moving quickly on rich acid notes themselves followed by hints of coffee and chocolate. Very nice evolution in the mouth. Very complex and original whisky. This contrast between the fresh acidity and woody / chocolate notes is really nice.
The finish is relatively long and hot and here again the chocolate notes take over.

This whisky is an example of really interesting contrasts. Several whiskys in one ..


appearance: Riesling
nose: medium intensity, fairly well integrated alcohol (tingling at the beginning but disappears with breathing), antiseptic, stable aromas, mineral austerity that gives a kind of old fashioned style to this whisky, not too complex very "sexy" on a Campbeltown style
taste: medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, less austere and mineral on the palate, the peat expresses itself by a nice sweetness (a bit like in some ancient young Ardbegs and in some actual young Ledaigs), sea side remains present
finish: medium



Color: white gold
Nose: a spicy meaty and sweet nose, almond biscuit, cinnamon, clove, cranberry, strawberry, cake batter, raw eggs/eggnog/, some citrus, peach
with water: sweeter, some caramel, grapes, limes, berries

Taste: much on herbs, leathery, tobacco, (like an old bourbon/rye), dried fruits, present alcohol
with water: more leathery, drier, very austere, fresh boiled and very dark tea

Finale : long, creamy, tea and leather
with water: quiet the same, with some caramel



Nose: earthy peat very rooty, very herbaceous character, (ginseng). Notes of sweet smoke, of heady incense and a hint of lime.
Palate: very soft and sweet at the beginning, on toffee and licorice. Then suddenly, strong smoke with spices that warm the palate. A bitter note remains persistent (orange & almond)
Finale: the sweet smoke continues
Conclusion: not too typical profile that I like. The palate is still quite flat and smoke sweeps everything. Adding water brings out the citrus and mitigates these pyrogenic notes; is better.


Nose: cleared smoke, caramel and green apple. The opening leads to more engaging flavors: Some farmer dairy, white peach, tangerine but with a good dose of pure sugar (less interesting). It draws on the pastry but no real finesse.

Palate: salty smoke, slightly farmy with this very lactic kark, milk chocolate, cinnamon but still with a little tangerine. Water hides a bit the alcohol present in the mouth. Peat is really dominant.

Finish: Good length with a salty smoke and lemon.

Comment: A small dram with peat adapts well with chocolate and citrus. It lacks explosion and complexity but still nicely drinkable.


Nose: Fresh, young and yeast (as new make), some fruitiness, but also some sweet vanilla and grain biscuits.

Taste: Sweet (licorice), souri and some bitterness (wood tones).

Finish: Long, some spiciness and again some bitterness.



Low nose, little bit salty, old perfume, old butter, oily, very bad finish


Nose: artificial pear aroma, alcoholic and bites in the nose, menthol, a little smoke, licorice with water, a discovery

Palate: a bit "creamy" for a second, then strong alcohol which burns under the tongue, but that disappears quite quick, just to come back with a dry mouth feel in conjunction with cold ashtray and bitter flavors.
with water also licorice in the palate, but only for a few moments, later more an "after cigarette taste"

Finish: The ashtray remains long in the finish, similar with water.
Overall long finish, getting very dry, somehow deafening

Very interesting whisky which I would buy



Nose: Dirty, apple, gunpowder.

Palate: Spicy (alcohol), vanilla, lime, fruits.

Final: Dirty, overripe fruits.

Comments: A little odd in a style that I'm not too fond of. But it remains largely drinkable!



Colour: Gold

Nose: There is undoubtedly a whatever of that medicinal rout (dressing, clove), without being particularly peaty. Lemongrass. Develops notes of bread yeast.

Taste: Again, more peaty than the nose suggested, citrus, exotic, fresh and herbaceous fruit. Still quite floral. Dry finish.


Nose: very mineral and spicy (pepper). Also herbaceous notes (Lowland?). Lacking in expressiveness. Fresh with a little exotic, but too little!
Mouth found the spicy from the nose (pepper) and not much else. Clearly too simplistic to me.
Final: some persistent woody with a little gin.
Conclusion: I'm not a fan of this type of malt as well as its lack of complexity even frustrate fans of pepper malt.


Colour: Straw.
Nose: Starts on all kind of nice white orchard fruits, but gee, this is pungent! Better keep your nostrils far away for the first nosing! So hot and heady that you could nearly think you’re swallowing it, while you’re just nosing it. Please, let it breeze. Oh yes! Brilliant stuff, now. Still very assertive, but softened by lots of candied lemons. Or limes, actually. And in the background, some light, slightly farmy phenols. The Ardmore 1992 signature? Bet you! Gets even softer after a while, with something rumy. A nice ti punch.
Mouth: Lemony it is. Hot, but soft (I acknowledge my words). Softened by some elegant vanilla. Well, not whisky for sissy, but given you don’t swallow it in big gulps, it remains very sipable as it is. Very light farmy notes, but farmy indeed.
Finish: Long and zesty, it vanishes on a long, elegant, grapefruity bitterness.
Comment: A very elegant and complex malt. If you fancy 1992 Ardmores, you’ll enjoy this one. But once again, let it breeze!