Arran (Master of Malt) - 16 years - 16 y.o. - 55,4%
15F: 15E: 81/100

Arran 16 years

Master of Malt
16 years
Single Cask Series
Bottle details:
distillation: 13-06-1996 bottling: 11-2012
non chill filtered cask strength
Refill sherry hogshead
59 /218 bottles
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Colour: Straw.

Nose: White orchard fruits (mainly apples), vanilla, and juniper. Lots of juniper. Yeasty and grainy. Sour cream. Unsugared flavoured yoghourt (unripe apricot?). Doesn't seem to be mature yet.

Mouth: Sugared juniper and vanilla. Soaked cereals. Getting more bitter now. Cinchona. Indian Tonic. Gin fizz. Getting hotter too (55% ?). Almost burning with lots of pepper and crystallized ginger.

Finish: Bitter and grainy.

Comment: This malt shows a grainy and unmatured side along with some overwhelming pepper and bitterness I don't feel comfortable with. A raw indy teenage Arran?



Nose: Lots of alcohol. Solvents, rubbing alcohol. Some notes of marine and iodine.
Taste: Very young. Brandy (mirabelle, quetsche), pear, vanilla. But again, too much alcohol.
Final: Rather long on fresh pears and black pepper.
Conclusion: Whisky too young and too alcooleux for my taste.


Nose: too reserved / quiet, on vague hints of white peach and pear. Marine hint / iodine? Surprising hint of caramel after aeration!
Mouth: delicate start (silky texture) on white peach and maybe some flowers. Malt.
Finish: rather short and very aromatic
Conclusion: malt is not bad but too subdued. No displeasure drinking it.


Colour: Straw
A pretty young nose with strong hints of alcohol and a pronounced yeasty smell. The nose is not to my taste. Aeration makes it the highest good and after a few moments, grains emerge.
The first mouth is sweet and moving slowly toward touches of citrus, bathed in a highly present alcohol. The mouth is monolithic and rather disappointing.
The finish is long and sweet.


The nose is fruity (apricot) and herbaceous. With a little water it opens on citrus (orange) and salt.
Very lively in the mouth, on blood orange and cereal aromas. Water makes the mouth creamier and brings out the salt.
Long finish, and hot chocolate.

Water is useful for this malt which is not bad but still a bit monolithic. It reminds me a malt as Ben Nevis.


Nose: spirity rom the very beginning. Opens on austere cereal notes, solvent and sulfur. I guess I also feel a maritime influence. Hints of pear and vanilla are expressed in background.

Mouth: Burning! Many new make and little else ... Sickening over sips.

Finish: long ...

Comments: this whisky has been surely bottled too young or having defects ... I do not like even a passable nose, mouth is disgusting.


“Quite powerful and fruity, maybe a Balblair? I have mixed feelings about this whisky”
This dram has a white wine like color.

Nose (87): (5)more than average. honey, citrus, floral, spices, fruits, peaches, cherries.

Taste (90): powerful, oily. honey, fruits, citrus, spices, cinnamon, wood.

Finish (89): (5)longer than average. honey, citrus, spices.



Color: White dry wine

Nose: A bit austere at first nose, then slowly opens. Bergamot, iodine, malt, vinous or something. Finally rather pleasant as long as you appreciate other than vanilla / sweet bombs whiskies.

Palate: The texture is nice, attack sweeter than expected, the mid palate tingle a little. There's still volts ... A nice controlled bitterness balances the mouth. It opens with a little water, good balance between bitter notes and other tart ones (still bergamot).

Finish: Medium length, in line with the mouth.

Conclusion: A nice malt for man drinks lover, not in the brutal way, but the bitterness will not please the sweet tooth.


Nose: vegetable dish, Brussels sprouts, combined with pastry notes of marzipan. A little wax.
Palate: Initially sweet with these notes & vegetables (homemade soup with winter vegetables), turns on peat, bitumen, pepper, and never leave the register.
Final: pepper & salt.
Conclusion: A bit wobbly and not complex enough (too young?).


Appearance: very light yellow
Nose: low to medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, light farmy peat, green apples, fresh vegetables
Taste: low to medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, dry, mineral, medium bitterness, lemony, meaty
Finish: short to medium



color: light gold
Nose: very distant
Mouth, explosive, wood and spices.
Final: Short

Nothing, not sympathy, but evolution closed.


Nose: Medium powerful. Quite young character, such as new spirit or wash (beer of barley). Light tones of vanilla and later on warm tones of biscuit / barley and a little bit sulfurous.

Taste: A bit of sourness, some bitterness, slightly sweet and a bit fruity.

Finish: Long and spicy.



Color white wine clear

Nose: Alcohol locks the flavor. Light notes of almond and breadcrumbs. Aeration brings a floral dimension.

Taste: Alcohol still powerful. Herbaceous notes, soft almost creamy texture. Dilution brings anise impressions.

Final: The final is consistent with the first two stages of tasting: it remains on the almond. Retro olfaction, a curious note of burned. It ends a little hard way: impression of limestone.

A whisky that is a bit unbalanced with alcohol too present compared to the aromatic palette.


Nose: Nuts, overripe fruits, light brown sugar, ripe pear. More fresh with aeration.
Second tasting two weeks after: Very fruity, floral, a touch of nutmeg, a little fire, white grape.

Taste: Very fruity, green apple, powerful.

Final: very ripe fruits, pear, spice, nuts.

Comments: Alcohol is giving power to the flavors but is a little aggressive.



Color: Pale yellow
Nose: Citrus fruits, iodine
Mouth: Fat peat, Good balance
Finish: Pineapple, salt