Dalmore (Whisky & Rhum) - L'Esprit Whisky, 16 yo - 16 y.o. - 54,4%
15F: 15E: 82/100

Dalmore L'Esprit Whisky, 16 yo

Whisky & Rhum
16 years
L'Esprit whisky
Bottle details:
distillation: 29/10/1996 bottling: 02/11/2012
non chill filtered cask strength
cask nr:9092/58
13 /50 bottles
price class:

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Colour: Pale wine.
Nose: Starts quite simple. Grassy and rooty. Youngish. But turns softer after a while, with nice vanilla (the elegant one) and icing sugar. Gets closer to the raw material now, with quite some cereal. Sweetened Corn Flakes (well, make it Frosties). And a splash of Lowlandish orange blossom water. And more alcohol too. A classy austerity.
Mouth: Yeah. Hot it is. Invigorating, but not burning. Surprisingly soft and silky, actually, for a malt that is probably close to 60%. A very clean spirit with a nice softness from the alcohol. A discreet fruitiness (gooseberries, star fruit). This is no fruit bomb nor modern cask driven malt. Just a very clean spirit aged in a high quality (fresh?) Bourbon cask.
Finish: Long, clean, free of all bitterness, and with a hint of sweet liquorice.
Comment: This is no demonstrative whisky, but it has a charm of its own, starting simple, and ending up classy. Probably much older than I thought at first nosing. A nice Tormore or Rosebank in its twenties ?



Nose: a rather confusing and unusual nose. Peat at first, then has beautiful bisque and grain aromas. There is also a small vegetal side springing out. As and along with the aeration, jammy side spring.

Palate: The palate is a continuation of the nose. And even goes a bit further with an almost lemony minerality. Some tips and rancid nuts. Quite powerful and almost evanescent mouth.

Finish: rather short.

Comments: I would say that this whisky is quite pleasant to drink although without much complexity. His profile is no defect, while being friendly.


Nose: Very repressed. Fresh fruit (pear), but a lot of alcohol appears. Aeration does not help and the alcohol is much too far. Moreover, the water either makes no difference ...
Palate: almond paste, brandy, alcohol. Blah blah!
Finish: Quite long on the marzipan.
Conclusion: The score speaks for itself. Too young? alcohol not integrated.


Nose: very mineral, herbal and dry. Cold or even cold! Not really the kind of profile that I like. Some too discreet fruit after ventilation.
Taste:quite pleasant silky texture , more my taste than the nose. Rather sharp, more focused on fruit (white peach, yellow melon) as the nose was.
Final medium with a little honey mixed with a herbal bitterness.
Conclusion Although I do not like the nose, the result is interesting and of good quality. A dram with fun.


Colour: Straw
The first is quite aggressive, but after some aeration, it becomes more enjoyable. It features a young character on the cereal a little rough, a hint of biscuit. Dried herb notes and a few discreet fruit.
The palate is quite different from that announced in the nose. Citrus and fruity acidity dominate the palate.
The finish is fresh and of medium length.


Nose: Powerful and as a new spirit. Fruity (young fruit and citrus) and vanilla, but also some hay, heather and yeast. After tasting some traces of sulfur and toasted wood as well.

Taste: A combination of bitterness and sweetness (toasted wood influences and barley) and some spiciness. Later this taste become more intense (much better).

Finish: Long and spicy (peppery).



The nose is subtle when I first perceive a puff of rose then quickly cereals, herbs and spices (white pepper, cumin) come with it.
The palate is light, sweet honey with a little green apple and herbs.
Rather short finish.
Very different from my first experience with this whisky that I found immature. Even though it has improved, it remains far from my ideal malt.


Color: White dry wine

Nose: Austere, enough mineral (talc, chalk), something of a young brandy grape or pear. This one who does not tell much.

Palate: It stings a little, even if it is drinkable dry. On the aromatic level, something dreary plain of Waterloo ... It is very close to a new make. Maybe a hint of citrus that comes and decorates the landscape of its tangy freshness. Adding a little water does not change the background.

Finish: Long, fairly bitter


“Lots of raisins on this whisky. I like it. It really looks like a soft PX turned into whisky”
This dram has a fino like color.

Nose (89): (5)more than average. honey, vanilla, malt, citrus. an Cnoc? Simple, sweet, malty

Taste (89): powerful, oily. honey, raisins, citrus, vanilla, spices. Looks like 8 to 12 years old and maybe bottled at 40%

Finish (90): (5)longer than average. honey, vanilla, fruits, raisins.



Nose: strange nose, kind of pharmaceutical preparation, mixing plants, potpourri, ether, cologne. Very new spirit. Round and sweet nose, molasses. Candy, marshmallow. After aeration, about the fresh apple. A little sickening.
Palate: sweet & sugary, suddenly becomes very astringent, dry sensation that lasts. Little else unfortunately.
Finale: the cork.
Conclusion: Unfortunately not very pleasant for the malt certainly very young.


Appearance: very light yellow
Nose: medium intensity, alcohol present but not disturbing, salty freshness, almond paste, toasted grains, vanilla softness
Taste: low to medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, toasted grains, bitter almonds, fresh vegetables
Finish: short to medium



Color: pale yellow

Nose: super spirity in a first step, the rest is on the lemon and citrus. Not very greedy in the first place. Adding water makes it very discreet, a gentle base rather focused on vanilla. Time is beneficial, with aromas more in correspondence with the mouth, but still pretty quiet.

Palate: The nose had warned! the explosion of alcohol is there. However, the result is more greedy than the nose with a drive toward exotic fruit and a fairly greasy texture. The set takes acidity before fading. With water, candied fruit is now sucked into the very first sip. Amazing! The following sips seem less sweet, but the fruit is still growing.

Final: The sweetness continues, slight bitterness and wood notes.

Still a very steep whisky in the beginning. We must give him time (many?) Or add a drop of water to down the spines. However, it is much more delicious than the nose wants to suggest. The bourbon cask is there with all these features aromas, but this concoction also reveals a range of exotic fruits. All this is finally quiet, but present. Too bad these fruits is not more mature.


Light gold color with green highlights

Nose: strong presence of alcohol that brings a sense of turpentine. Then fresh fruit arrives, white fruit with exotic notes (pineapple). Impression of lightness. Potato starch. Some complexity.

Mouth :an oily texture that gives a general impression of sweetness, alcohol is very present. Back of the pineapple. Notes of cereal.

Finish: The finish is light, soft. First we start on herbaceous notes and ends with licorice (a big surprise).


Nose: Fresh, floral, peppermint, lemon meringue. Not very expressive!

Palate: Fresh fruit, mint, pepper (not very well integrated alcohol)

Finale: Spices, fresh fruit, short.

Comments: Good, but ...



Color: Pale yellow
Nose: Lemon
Mouth: Liquorice, aniseed, peated, Seashell
Finish: On thé peat and sait