Clynelish (Gordon & MacPhail) - Connoisseur's Choice 1989 - 11 y.o. - 40%
5F: 5E: 81/100

Clynelish Connoisseur's Choice 1989

Gordon & MacPhail
11 years
Connoisseurs Choice
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Jean-Marie Putz

All the magic from the official version seems to have disapeared is this Gordon & MacPhail version. The basics are still present, with some interesting spicy hints, but the finish is much shorter and this makes this a more ordinary whisky. A kind of disapointment, probably due to the expectations created by the official version.

Jean-Marie Putz

The first nose is discrete with some Marshmallow aspects, and after a while some fresh hits of cut grass and mint are emerging. A delicate nose, and interesting too, even if it could be some clearer. The palate seems to be cast in the same mould, rather discrete and fresh. A smooth mix of slightly acid notes and sweeter ones, without however great emotions for the papilla's The finis is long and pleasant, with first a discrete of the Marshmallow hints followed by a development on more coloured notes. Rereading my previous notes written a few months earlier, the conclusion seems to be that this whisky is quite instable... It seems to change a lot with the time.

Jean-Marie Putz

It seems thta this whisky needs a certain time to express all its qualities.... Aeration? Oxidation?.. During the fourth tasting, the nose was fruity (pear) and slightly malty at the time, complex, allying fruit notes to maritime ones, salt and iodine, the whole being perfectly balanced. After a while, liquorice hint and spicy and smoly toutches appear, giving a new dimension to this already rather complex nose. The palate is complex too, with malted touches, a kind of bitterness, wallnut and woody notes and a finish marked by a mix of wood and chocolate. A very nice bottle.

Jean-Marie Putz

During the second tasting, a kind of complexity with smoke and spice hints gave me an excellent impression. A kind of after taste, may be due to addiction of caramel traditional in Gordon & MacPhail versions temper the enthousiasm.

Jean-Marie Putz

During the third tasting, the malt seemed to have lost all its spicy hints, and even if it remains a pleasant whisky, the general impression is less than during the second tasting. A lack of complexite, and a too short finish bring the quote back to 17.