Littlemill (Malts of Scotland) - 1988, Sherry Hogshead - 24 y.o. - 52,1%
20F: 20E: 88/100

Littlemill 1988, Sherry Hogshead

Malts of Scotland
24 years
Bottle details:
distillation: 04/1988 bottling: 05/2012
non chill filtered cask strength
Sherry Hogshead
cask nr:12028
74 /125 bottles
price class:

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Color: Amber dark.

Nose: The nose is rich with notes of caramel, chocolate and roasted coffee beans, fruits and nuts. Dense. Grows on ripe fruits (banana, figs). Some notes of leather and liquorice accompanied by hints of oak, butternut, toasted (almost charcoal), but also noble polished wood.
Adding a dash of water develops intense notes of red fruits (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries). Notes of honey also grow, with warm brown sugar, lightly smoked in color (fire). Everything is still a beautiful herbaceous freshness.

Palate: First rather spic,y it quickly becomes more herbaceous and countryside like (old wood, buckwheat honey). Intense notes of leather also developed a controled bitterness (cocoa, coffee black).

Final: notes on old wood, almost ashy, with a hint of pepper.


Color: light brown with gold highlights

Nose: The nose is powerful with an immediate aroma of gasoline dominating before disappearing. It then passes over the golden apple which gives freshness before passing to the usual notes of sherry. It goes from the leather to polish. Aeration of 30 minutes revealed as a liberation, notes of red fruit (strawberry).

Palate: The palate is round, very sweet. Alcohol is involved from the second part. Then share it with notes of leather and coffee. The texture becomes very fluid without altering the material.

Final: The final is open, chocolate. A vinous side references to sherry. It ends with candied orange.


Color: beautiful amber, cognac like.

Nose: alcohol, although present in the early stages, suggests an Irish because it is accompanied by the sweetest scents. Over time, the greedy wealth is revealed with a background of vanilla and a heavy woody but rather welcome side. The dosage of water is difficult, mitigation is quite brutal revealing acid notes.

Palate: The first impression confirms the very high alcohol content, but despite this, the wave of vanilla is impressive. It evolves into more bitter notes revealing the wood while finishing coat of the palace. The aftertaste returns the same drier vanilla. The finite set of exotic fruits which almost gives the appearance of rum at the end of the tasting.

Adding water calms the game, may be too much. The brew seems marked by spices with a bitterness over this. The exotic fruit takes over gradually and greatly improves the final. Over time, he found the coveted sweet scents.

Finale: Not an exceptional long one, but consistent.

Whisky with a lot of promise, beautiful color and beautiful aromas, but ultimately difficult to assess. Without water, it is a challenge but the addition must be millimeter for not too much ease. Evening whisky with time to be, it rewards patience.


color: amber
nose: raisins, chocolate, vanilla and old wood
taste: very smooth, coffee, toffee and some spiciness, the finish is long with sweet hints of raisins and wood, well balanced.


Color: Amber with amber highlights
Nose: Tropical fruit (candied papaya, mango, passion) and honey, spiced with small hints of cinnamon and pepper. On the nose I would say the finish is optimum for a very, very slight hint of distillation (leather) is present, however, not disturbing. The nose is subtle, complex and really nice, a great trip!

Palate: The alcohol is very well integrated. Many exotic in the palate with the fruit but also coconut and a hint of caramel. A hint of bitterness is present, it is unfortunate but it remains very good, it just lacks a little power but many things are present.

The finish is long always on exotic fruit and some dried fruit ...


Colour: Chestnut.

Nose: Gorgeous! Lots of marzipan. Almond cream. And lots of old stuff: old waxed furniture, old church (including the polished benches), incense, and all that jazz. The best the spirit can get from wood and time. Flavours from the bakery. Rum baba. Appealing!

Mouth: Deep and fruity. Punchy and creamy at the same time. Great balance! Soft tannins. Reminds me of the very best fortified wines you can get in southern France. Even perhaps a high end Sauternes. More exotic fruits than on the nose. Guavas, and passion fruits. This really is stunning.

Finish: Long and tasty, with even more exotic fruits.

Comment: Balance from A to Z. A tasty, creamy, fruity, exotic loveable old Speysider. Respect! And thanks to our sponsor!



Colour: chestnut oloroso
Nose: sherry and rich oak. Nuts and vanilla, dried apricots and Christmas cake
Taste: lots of oak intermingled with heavy sherry. Black coffee and dark chocolate. Also notes of mint and nutmeg
Finish: quite long. Becomes very bitter. Mint again and some salt at the end.

Comment: nose is better than the taste for me. Too much bitterness and slightly too tannic for me.



Colour: old gold
Nose: Rich, ripe fruits basket (peaches, pears, plums) with some exotic notes (green banana and mango), dried fruits (almonds and raisins), some notes of old furniture wax, spices: pepper, nutmeg and vanilla pastry and greedy, very nice
Palate: slightly woody, waxy, followed by fruit jam on peach, plum and pear compote, beautiful complexity, vanilla, pepper and nutmeg, beautiful development well integrated alcohol, final dried fruit (raisins, almonds and cashews)


Color: Copper
Nose: Red fruits
Mouth: Blackcurrent leaves, blackcurrent blackberries
Finish: Medium dry and dryed fruits



Color: Amber

Nose: Sweet, marshmallow, cotton candy, with vinous notes. It then reveals more fruity, with beautiful exotic and tangy notes. Alcohol is however felt.

Palate: The attack is low, but it then shows a nice presence on the palate. The whole appears rather sweet with tangy, but the wood is present as well with a strong tannic bitterness. Alcohol is also felt. The water did not improve.

Finish: Medium length, it is slightly astringent and dominated by wood.

Conclusion: A promising malt nose but mouth was disappointing.


Nose: It smells like sherry! The nose is round and relatively complex. Red fruits, a bit of wood, cocoa, coffee. Very nice nose. I feel almost like a some lamb meat in the background.

Taste: Powerful but slightly aqueous, on coffee, a bit tannic. Alcoolic and a little rough I think. Takes time to become civilized.

Finish: Quite long

Comments: The nose is really good and the mouth just below it is a shame. This remains however very good.


appearance: light amber
nose: medium to strong intensity, well integrated alcohol, wax, honey, mixed fruit compote (native and exotic) mostly sweet with a touch of acidity like pineapple, meaty, truffles, candied milk
taste medium to strong intensity, well integrated alcohol, fruity, meaty, noble wood, a beautiful taste that is on the same level as the superb nose
finish: medium to long



Nose: The first nose is marked by alcohol. Leave him a little time.
Wouh! with sufficient aeration it is really super powerful: tobacco, noble wood, ripe yellow fruit (peaches and apricots) and a little polish and dust remover. Even more ventilation, it becomes downright greedy, see pastry, honey sweets, salted butter caramel, creme brulee.
Palate: On the same wavelength as the nose. Spicy, woody, tobacco. A little leather evenly. It is marked by a beautiful mouth voltage provided by a superbly integrated alcohol. Very balanced.
Finish: Long and spicy character on the mixing leather / tobacco.
Conclusion: A great whisky. Probably a venerable age and which has very well done its job. At least a good 92 + maybe 93.


Nose: Rather spice to the opening with the presence of alcohol. Malt and sweet spices begin to emerge and the industrial fruit appears briefly (canned pineapple aromas of strawberry yoghurt type). The nose is still too heavy on alcohol (with or without water). Aeration takes ot to caramel and marked woody notes. He plunged into rather unpleasant destitution. You really expect a good opening to find the above mentioned fruity touches.

Palate: From caramel and malt on the attack and a lot of spices and wood immersed in a beverage alcoholic. Water is mandatory. Once diluted, it is even aggressive with a very dry cocktail glued to the tongue.

Finale: An abrupt and premature end on sweet spices (paprika) and the remains of red fruit, hardly noticeable. An astringent coda, with unpleasant bitterness which explodes. The water makes it bearable but uninteresting, flat. The aftertaste is between the bit and the rubber.

Comment: alcohol, wood and spices are super concentrated and leave no room for fantasy nor at balance. A gross dram and uninteresting that simply lacks class (mainly in the mouth). Yet it must be acknowledged that the opening does him good and strips raw rubber footprint.


Nose: Porto, dust. Wood, spices and evolution on pretty green vegetals. Complex but fleeing. We must look for it! After a long time of aeration ripe fruits appear, including some exotic.
Palate: very expressive and dense, it's good! More intense than in the nose and more enjoyable. A nice balanced sherry. Ripe fruit, spices. There is also a touch of exoticism after aeration.
Finish: quite long, aligned with the mouth, it continues to be fun! Slight bitterness and a little earthy side, but everything is balanced and good.
Conclusion: A (very) fine malt, dense, fairly complex and very pleasant. Make a purchase if the price is consistent!


Color: Amber
The first nose is quite aggressive, marked by alcohol, but after a few moments it becomes a very fruity whisky, mixing green apple, gentian and freshly cut grass. Some spices also. The nose is both fresh and slightly bitter, green wood.
Very complex nose that has a nice balance, after a few minutes in the glass.
In the mouth, it is primarily the bitterness which takes over but soon evolves into very marked acid notes. This acid bitterness indicates a certain lack of balance, and that's unfortunate. The nose promised more than the mouth brings. This impression of green wood that was already present in the nose seems to characterize the best the impression in the mouth.
The finish is quite long and is strongly influenced by the impression of green wood that already characterized the mouth.


Nose: balsamic vinegar, orange zest, citrus, nuts. It is heavy and powerful and gaining bitterness with breathing.
After 5 days: A very nice exotic fruitiness appeared. Whisky is more aerial and incisive. Pretty buttered aromas,gingerbread and speculoos.

Palate: Acid fruits, mocha, chicory.
After 5 days: Exotic fruits, biscuits, nuts.

Finale: Very fruity in a exotic style (ala Tomatin 1976), walnuts. Becomes even more fruity at the second tasting five days later. Never ending finale.

Comments: A very very nice sherry fruit full of exoticism and a well integrated alcohol.



Color: light amber.
Nose: announces a powerful whisky, a little alcohol in the beginning. Sweet sherry nose, with caramel, many orange and citrus, a bit of dried fruit and spices too.
Mouth: much better than the nose, powerful (about 55%?), Very fruity, less sherry than hinted by the nose, no sugar or caramel in the mouth, especially citrus fruits, full of oranges, mandarin a little mango with water as more fruity. It's fresh, not heavy at all. It is not necessarily very old (only 20 years?).
Finish: very long, a little spicy, slightly woody, rather dry.
Beautiful sherry, ultra fruity.


Nose: Sharp, fruity and light sherry notes. After some time, beautiful wood tones and warm spicy (nutmeg) tones.

Taste: Spicy and a delicious combination of wood tones (bitterness) and sweetness.

Finish: Long, spicy and some slightly bitterness again.



“Very nice whisky. Sherried but floral ( maybe from the Highlands? ) and bottled at high strength. Maybe 10 to 15 years. I would pay no more than 80€ for it”
This dram has a tawny like color.
Nose (88): (5)more than average. honey, nuts, citrus, floral, spices, pine wood. Nice sherried nose on a floral theme
Taste (90): powerful, oily. honey, nuts, citrus, resin, spices, wood, leather, cocoa.
Finish (89): (5)longer than average. honey, citrus, spices.