Miltonduff (Malts of Scotland) - 1995, Bourbon Hogshead - 17 y.o. - 56,8%
25F: 25E: 84/100

Miltonduff 1995, Bourbon Hogshead

Malts of Scotland
17 years
Bottle details:
distillation: 03/1995 bottling: 05/2012
non chill filtered cask strength
cask nr:12033
28 /192 bottles
price class:

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Nose: White chocolate, citrus.

Taste: It is fat and pastry. Very light fruity (citrus, blackcurrant bud). With water, the mouth becomes almost oily.

Finale: In the wake of the mouth. Medium term. We feel the alcohol however.

Overall Comment: Over time, becoming more fruity. Damage that alcohol is a little too present.


Colour: Pale gold.
Nose: Starts quite youngish and green. Industrial candied fruits. Gets more interesting and sweeter given time. Buttery. Brioche flavoured with orange blossom water. The sweetness of a little candy pole?
Mouth: Starts candied and honeyed. Warmer than expected too (51% ?). Turns grassier then, with a mezcaly bitterness.
Finish: Long and dry, with a slightly astringent and bitter aftertaste, and a hint of burnt wood.
Comment: This grassy bitterness disturbs me I must say. But if you’re fond of Tequila, you may appreciate this one.



Nose: Clean, but not very expressive: rather mineral, some fruity notes (more on lemon tones), slightly vegetal / grassy. Becomes perhaps even more austere at aeration also with amazing notes of roasted peanuts.
Taste: Quite bitter, apricot kernel, it is equally austere and mineral as the nose, some "eau de vie"aspects are also very present.
Finish: Long, slightly fruity bitterness but mostly not unpleasant.
Conclusion: Not the kind of whisky that I like, but a power that is pretty well controlled, well balanced. Clynelish? Inchgower?


Nose: hints of PX sherry with plum / prune and sweet roundness. Alcohol seems powerful. We do not find a lot of different notes, woody / resinous, caramel, muesli, marzipan, apple turnover, which seem to revolve around the hogshead. Quite bitter minty notes that sometimes come back.
Palate: rather powerful sherry with dried fruit, candied fruit, grape confit, dry wood, spices ... The second part of mouth is quite powerful and heats the palate (pepper).
Finale: nuts, sweet
Conclusion: a clear sherry dram, relatively high alcohol, but slightly colored & suggesting something else: late finish? Refill sherry? The whole is very pleasant


appearance: Riesling
nose: medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, alcoholic freshness, chamomile tea, cotton candy, cooked fruit
taste: medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, grain sweetness, cooked fruit, soft spices
finish: short



“Nice nose and a decent bottling strength but miss that little something that turns whiskies in something special. Good dram anyway”
This dram has a fino like color.
Nose (87): (1)inexistent. toffee, vanilla, citrus, spices, herbs.
Taste (87): powerful, oily. honey, citrus, herbs, vanilla, wood, chocolate, tobacco.
Finish (87): (1)no finish. honey, wood, cocoa.



Nose: Quite spirity initially on yeast , beer , cider , but with a flavor profile far from boring ... Mineral, lemon , vanilla , woody, spicy, salty . Malt may seem austere but not only that . Coastal as some say . Clearly reminds me of aromatic markers from a seafront Highland distillery and at north east of Scotland ... A vegetal appearance and brioche develops after aeration. On paper, it does not appear there but the nose is very classy I think. There is a certain purity . This seems to me to reflect a whisky that had a quality spirit as an ancestor rather than a hyper active cask.

Palate: The palate is concentrated , powerful, alive. Alcohol is well controlled. Sea side resort a lot. First some salt , the mineral and then the spices . It seems that this whisky is not diluted or little .

Finale: Pretty short unfortunately.

Comments: A special profile and whisky away from the consensus in my humble opinion . One likes or dislikes. I like . Especially the nose . The mouth is a little "rustic" by the nose and the final too short.


The nose is initially sweet, with a slight vanilla, hay strawberry jam, honey. This is somewhat discreet. Then come the dried grass, crushed raspberry, pear, yellow peach. It is delicate (understatement if not discreet) but pleasant. On the palate is sweet, and share on vanilla, yellow fruits, herbs. Also the nuts and light tannins which falls a little table. The flavors are very accurate. The final good length, is on the coffee vanilla, with fresh grass and some exotic fruit with coconut.
It is a balanced whisky, quite complex, but pleasant to taste demands attention.

Alex Kooby

Pretty young peat and vegetal. Caramel, milk chocolate. Beautiful notes of candy, but with a hint of peat. Very interesting.
Taste: Surprisingly sweet, but powerful. Milk chocolate, very creamy in the end. Coconut, Vanilla, Banana, many months that the sharp nose. A hint of lemon.
Finish: long on exotic fruits, vanilla, lemon and chocolate milk.


Nose: discreet at first, scalable, sponge cake, floral, fragrant
Taste: bitter sweet, round, sweet, floral
Finish: rather long, pleasant.



The nose offers a beautiful blend of marine flavors (light peat, iodine) and tropical fruits (pineapple). And also almond powder. It is very well built, despite a slight discretion. Over time, the fruitiness takes more space. Water highlights peat.

The palate confirms the nose. At first yellow fruits and peat, then cold ashes and a hint of marine flavors. The peat is relatively strong, it is robust and even somewhat austere. The water makes the whole more wooded.

The final average length is about smoke and maritime flavors. We also have some traces of citrus.

In conclusion, a good marine whiskey / peaty, with fruity touches that give it originality.



Nose: fresh oak at the beginning, barley, a little bit of lemon
Mouth: alcoholic, creamy, again barley, later very bitter and alcoholic taste
Finish: very long because of the alcohol



Nose: quite complex "sour and sherryish" the same time, mineral, kumquats, lemon drop, hay, vodka ish, fresh cut grass
With water: cereals, candied lemon, apples, iced tea,

Palate: lime, rock melon, bitter, strong alcohol
With water: much better, lemon drops, very sweet, pineapple, mineral, some herbs, wood

Finish: lime and strong alcohol stays quite a time
With water: much more delicate, lime/lemon, a little bit of wood

Overall: Without water only the nose is good and the alcohol overwhelms. With water is a sweet and nice dram.



Color: white wine

Herbaceous and floral nose at first. Then alcohol overwhelmes and it is difficult to perceive the aromas which are like behind a wall.
It then evolves to the grain and hay.

Mouth with a too much drying alcohol. It remains on the grain and hay, and almond and hazelnut.

Final with an average length. Roasted hazelnut dominates which brings a certain sweetness in retro olfaction.

This whisky is unbalanced because of the alcohol.


Nose: a little smoke, plant, fairly expressive (high alcohol?), Mineral, ripe pear, plum, some citrus, vanilla, caramel.
Adding water brings a pastry side and some floral notes.

Palate: Dry, some fruit. Water brings out dried fruit.

Finish: short, small but nice.

Comment: simple and balanced, without flaws, but not exciting.



White wine color (pale yellow)

Rather vegetal on dry hay and cereal then develops a nose like quiche before baking (a mixture of cream and spicy egg) may be some marine side on the background?
A lot of alcohol (solvent odor quite pronounced)
This is quite young and little marked by wood.

Unbalanced, poorly integrated alcohol: Attack on bright citrus with lots of alcohol and lots of spices and a metal rear mouth (like when using a tatar).
Pretty sickening final this duo bitterness /metal note .

If the nose was already not my cup tea mouth is even worse ... the end of the sample will go down the drain!


Nose : Sweet nose, candy floss, reminds me of strolling a fair. Butter biscuit, later a touch of cellar or old books. Alcohol a bit pungent at the second or third nosing but not too strong

Palate : Again sweet, creamy, very pleasant. Hints of malt or cereals in general. Alcohol very we'll integrated and at the right level, despite being a trifle sharp. Pineapple aroma

Finish : Long finish with a move towards the bitter end, but just at the right level. Getting dryer and dryer.
Yep,I think that's a whisky I would buy.



Colour: White wine

Nose: Starts on alcohol... then once gone, on cucumber, apricot and peach. This is a creamy one, with improbable hints of fresh tobacco leaves and, for some reason, meat.

Eventually opens up sweet, suave, on marzipan. Not too cloying though.

Mouth: Starts with an elegant salinity to it, hints of fine wine, fruity (orchard fruits, white or yellow), sweet rancio (pralines, sugar coated peanuts...), dates (those great deglet nour ones), salted butter caramel, milk chocolate.

Finish: Short and dry, on wild raspberries, sticks of licorice, touch of aniseed.

Comment: This is an oily whisky with a beautiful mouth. Seems fairly old altogether, I'd say 20 years or more, but then again, I might be wrong!



color: white wine

nose: a little green but an interesting roundness. A little gingerbread. Madeira finish?
mouth, the attack is frank about some bitterness. Development has been mastered bybut lacks greed compared to the nose. With a touch of water, the mouth is sweeter but still can not become greedy. A wave of young alcohol gene other flavors but calmed down with aeration. Notes of dark chocolate arriving late.

Final: Short and fleeting.

Jean-Marie Putz

Colour: Straw
The nose has rather discreet hints of fruit, mild bitterness and hints of yeast. The nose is fresh and pleasant but without complexity or surprises.
The first impression in the mouth is very surprising. Some sweets mixed with nuts. This is very nice and very well done. This duality of tones gives it a nice complexity, while maintaining a nice balance.
The finish is in the same spirit as the mouth. A beautiful freshness and a nice contrast between the green fruit and nuts.


Colour: straw
Nose: here some cereals with a little yeast and some sugar are very present
Palate: ok unlike the nose I find Tea, some grassy notes, dry but strong, then a little fruitiness with green pepper raises and behind this a little smokiness?

The finish is long with a fruity sweetness, a little yeast maybe. A good dram in my opinion.



Colour: Straw
A fruity nose, even a little too much... Artificial fruit smells and some medicinal ether notes characterize the nose which is still very enticing at first contact.
The first mouth is less fruity, and some slightly acidic notes take over, before returning to the strange notes of sour candy. Some bitter notes of cashew nuts, complete the picture.
The finish is quite long and fresh, keeping these artificial fruit flavors and acidic which gives it a pretty cool.


Color: light straw

Nose: fruity, light acidity, notes of apricot, ammonia, solvents, some ashes, cereals.

Taste: quite light, we find that solvent again. Alcohol taste is quite spicy and not very well integrated. Notes of fruit and almond. Vanilla, lots of pepper, touch of salt. A second sip, a sweet spring side.

Finish: rather short. The bitterness spring. Some note of wood spring out and increase.

Comment: this is not bad, but it is sorely lacking in balance. The trio solvent nose / poorly integrated / woodland which increases alcohol is not too much for my taste.



Nose: Very sharp (alcohol) and clean with some sweetness tones (vanilla and fruit) at the background. It needs some more time to develop the spiciness and wood tones in it.

Taste: sweetness tones, some fruitiness, a bit sourness, but above all spicy and a lot of bitterness.

Finish: Rather long, very spicy with some bitterness at the end. This bitterness lingers very long.