An Cnoc ( Official) - 12 years - 12 y.o. - 40,0%
5F: 5E: 73/100

An-Cnoc 12 years

12 years
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Jean-Marie Putz

This Speyside malt did not really impress me. A rather good bottle, but no more...

Jean-Marie Putz

The malted and slightly acid hints of this unpretentious whisky made me change slightly my quotations at the third tasting.

Jean-Marie Putz

A slightly smoly nose on a malty background. In the mouth, this relatively complex whisky mixes malt to liquorice hints. Quite a nice finish.

Jean-Marie Putz

A second tasting did not modify the quotation? This whisky has a lack of complexity and nuances, but however it is a pleasant whisky. It's quality puts it in a good competition position with all kind of blends of the same price range.

Henrik Johansson

Apperance: Amber
Nose: Medium prickle in the straight nose. Very Speysideish character with fresh fruits, floral notes and some cereal stuff. Complex, rich and very satisfying with a beautiful balance. The diluted nose has the floral elements in the foreground, mainly leafy hints like lawn clippings but also fragrant and green house elements and heather flowers. Some fresh apples, orange marmelade and peaches. Cooked maize, hot rocks, rice pudding and much more.
Body: Very light and not at all stickyPalate: Not as full as the nose, sort of thin and not as sweet as I expected. Not much happens until the swallow when it intensifies significantly. Dry, sort of floral and slightly woody hints roll up. The finish is long with cocoa powder, ground coffee beans and! gentle wood spices.
Comments: Refined and very well composed, with more body this would have been magnificent. Make sure to drink this when you are very sensitive to fine nuances though; after dinner, or after having drunk a beer or two, this will just feel like a cheap blend.

Note Whisky distilleries: this quote is so different from mine, that I did not include it in the calculation of the average. This probably concerns another bottle...