Bunnahabhain (Wilson & Morgan) - Thirty Eight - 38 y.o. - 41,2%
40F: 40E: 87/100

Bunnahabhain Thirty Eight

Wilson & Morgan
38 years
W&M Collector's Edition
Bottle details:
distillation: 1973 bottling: 2012
non chill filtered cask strength
cask nr:1
/472 bottles
price class:

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Colour: Old gold.
Nose: nose first on a fruit and spice mixes, beautiful notes of tart fruit vinegar, a little sherry vinegar also. Brandy, fruit in alcohol (raspberries, blackberries). On a background of Genoese pastry, or even "financier", it actually smells a little almond. Great length and constant power, never weakening.
Water aligns the nose but even more it loses in accuracy and'' bite''.
Taste: There is very clearly the fruit and spice mixture. Changes in the mouth following the same program as the nose, almost a copy / paste. Beautiful texture, neither too fat nor too watery. We would have preferred a little more expressiveness. Slightly peppery.
The water completely destroys the mouth.
Final: In the wake of the mouth, then starts slightly gaining some momentum. Actually quite long and warm.
Here too, the water is very detrimental to the final.

Comment: Very nice and tasty, complexity and a beautiful expression. Does not like water


Colour: light amber with gold highlights
The nose is firmly on the leather and salted butter caramel. It is full of roundness with a side tarte Tatin, pepper and toasted sensations.
The mouth is round and soft with aromas of toasted almonds and dried fruit to date. The structure is modest.
The finish remains with notes of caramel and dried fruit. It is rather short, without bitterness and with a retro olfaction on the freshly roasted coffee.

Too bad the lack of relief in the mouth comes a little temper tasting


Color: Amber
Nose: Precious wood, leather, exotic fruits, flowers
Mouth: Apricot, passon fruits, milked chocolate, hint of blackcurrants, cedar


Colour: Red copper.

Nose: Most appealing. One of these old Bourbon casks where the wood gave a lot and where fruits, spices and warm wood shavings provide us with a very sexy performance, though not very complex. High end fruit jellies (let’s make it quince and greengage). Dried apricot (or nectar from the same fruit). Colour pencil shavings. Carpentry workshop with its smells of furniture polish, varnishes, and cellulosic glues. It’s laying it on with a trowel, but I like it.
Mouth: Less rich than the nose, but very well balanced. You can drink it in gulps : it won’t burn your palate thanks of the nice alcohol integration (47%?) . The mouth feeling is great. Sure, you shouldn’t be allergic to spices from the wood (cinnamon, vanilla, cardamom…) and one can regret a lack of diversity in the aromas, but it really goes down your throat like a charm.
Finish: Bold and sweet, it drives you to happiness like a honey sweet.

Comment: I know lots of people who can’t bear this kind of sexy malts were the cask does most of the job. As far as I’m concerned, it’s gladly that I let myself be tricked by these profiles, even if a bit more complexity would have been welcomed here on the mouth.


Color: Mahogany
The nose is pleasantly marked by toast, gingerbread, cashew nuts, beer, great finesse. A nose of a rare delicacy. No aggression of any kind. This nose is only fun and does not need to be complex to be extraordinary.
The fineness guessed at the first nosing characterizes the first impressions in mouth. A lovely complex bitterness gives an extraordinary relief to the palate. The bitter notes range from slight bitterness of the cashews to something far more bitter, unripe walnuts, which fade and then come charging back. As much finesse and nuances around a single theme (the bitterness) is truly remarkable. Simplicity and complexity are here excel household. I drank very few whiskies with this classic and atypical profile at a time.
The finish is endless. Pleasant notes of cashew nuts with a hint of mocha persist for many minutes. Here, too, balance and finesse.


Color: Dark copper.

Nose: First a strong sherry presence during several seconds, then it quickly fades. Then red apple peeling, orange with cloves. Turpentine. After several minutes, burned fudge and coffee marc. Very interesting nose, especially after several minutes of airing. Unfortunately, all those scents are gone after 1/2 an hour.

Mouth: Water ? Very weak taste, no big deal happens. Feint turpentine taste. Very disappointing after such a promising nose.

Finish: Turpentine in the throat, pepper in the cheeks. A mint freshness then stays quite long in the mouth.

Verdict: The nose was very promising. Unfortunately the mouth and the finish do not follow. Quite disappointing.



Colour: almost light brown

Nose: It starts with notes of cacao followed by dark wood, dry plums and a hint of blackberries.

Mouth: A wonderful mixture of dry fruits (dates, plums, etc.) and cacao is touched by some minty notes. Then dark wood, leather and cinnamon round up this very complex taste.
It finishes warm, long and spicy.



Nose: prunes, figs, sandalwood, vanilla, red fruit, floral side. A very pleasant "old Armagnac" side. A nose is melted. I think if I did not know it was whisky, I could be have guessed a wrong spirits in first!

Mouth in the continuity of the nose. Slightly watery.

Final: relatively long with a slight bitterness recalling the floral side of the nose.

Review: I will go on a whisky from Speyside aged in first fill Sherry, moderately old (around 20 years), not reduced. I like this kind of whisky, and the only complaint I can make him is a lack of power and a mouth inferior to the nose. The nose is great.


Nose: Lovely nose we'd like to meet more often. Very complex and enjoyable. A nice balance between ripe fruit and hints of dried fruit (sherry was probably ex). Reminds me of Bowmore Bicentenary without smoke. Subtle notes of varnish as a backdrop. Gourmand. A touch of burnt wood and iodine also aeration.
Palate: delicate and evolving. First of ripe fruits and dry fruits later on (especially dates). Mid palate of the beer before sliding into notes of almost burned tartin tart.
Moderately long finish that is a bit frustrating!

Conclusion A very nice old malt (probably). To be enjoyed quietly by the fireside. Lack a little "je ne sais quoi" to be outstanding.


Color: Mahogany
This is immediately a nose I like. Balance, good complexity, devoid of any aggression. Hints of chocolate and plum jam, beautiful presence of sherry and very light wood. On sen though he lived in a barrel in recent years, but the wood has not been able to dominate this pretty nose.
The mouth has a very similar profile of the nose, with the same feelings. A little less cocoa on the nose, but a little more plum jam, always close to perfect balance while developing a nice complexity. The sherry is of course very far with its procession of dried fruit.
A long spicy finish completes the package.


“Looks quite quite old. Maybe well over 30 years old with lovely notes of ancient oak on its foundation”
This dram has a mahogany like color.

Nose (91): (5)more than average. honey, nuts, citrus, dates, spices, oranges. Maybe 30 years old?

Taste (92): powerful. honey, wood, spices, nuts, leather, dust. Old stuff indeed...

Finish (91): (5)longer than average. dust, wood, spices.



Nose: Nice fruity, very greedy and intense on exotic fruits: pineapple and passion fruit in firsst. A slight hint of spice, a bit of dust old newspaper. With aeration, it is greedy. Woody with delicacy and this fruitiness (apricots join exotic fruit)! Also a lot of cocoa and a little blond tobacco.
Taste: Very fine. Still fruit: more on apricot jam this time. However the exotic side is still present. There is also the woody nose but are also a presence of leather, tobacco, a hint of chocolate and a little wax. Complex palate, like the nose, but lacks a bit of consistency.
Finish: Very long. Slightly dry on all these fruits and old polished wood.
Comment: Really a very nice whisky. Surely relatively old, he still kept a great freshness. Only downside, a little tinny mouth. 91 +


Color: orange brown

nice, fresh and fruity sherry nose; mint, old Patches / antiseptics, fresh tea leafs, dusty cardboard, a waxy note, some citrus, raisins, juicy plum, pineapple, mild coffee notes, chocolate, some vanilla, a hint of smoke, very little wood, i like the minty freshens very much!
with water:
even fresher with more citrus, English winegum (very fruity), more apple

dusty, plaster/gypsum, green apple, plum butter, again mint, tobacco, some wood, herbs, little bitterness, very enjoyable
With water:
stays the same, but gets more mild

long, fruity, citrus, less wood than on the palate and a little bit dry
with water:
less strong and complex

Better without water, complex and very enjoyable nose, pleasant palate/taste overall a very nice whisky



The nose of a contradictory sensation liqueur scented, sweet, dense and stakeholders (strawberry, plum, cherry) but also fresh and tender vegetable at a time. Rather difficult to define, the nose also shows a little salt, honey and spices. With aeration, appear heady flowers and leaves of cigar.

The palate is about coffee and ripe fruit (prunes). Maquant power and expressiveness, that mouth and then turns sweet spices, with a little flavor farmers. Aeration makes little progress, if not the appearance of a little nutty.

The final medium length, very fruity. It has yellow fruits (banana), and also red fruit liqueur (wild sloes).

In conclusion, a good whisky, with a mouth a little behind. Damage.



Nose: beautiful, delicious, ripe fruit, candy, candied orange, mango, strawberry syrup, banana flambe

Mouth also ripe fruit (see nose), notes of chocolate and hazelnut butter. Lacks a bit of punch.

Finale: ... too short on the ripe fruit for my taste!



Color: Light Mahogany
Nose : Moka, dried fruits, feeling the influence of the sherry. Become sweeter with aeration, with lovely notes of marzipan, nougat. The alcohol is well integrated.
Palate: Dry Fruits, moka, marzipan. A mouth very sweet at first but a slight bitterness comes now. Alcohol is still quite light.
Medium to long finish with always this light bitterness.


color: amber
nose: dark wood, pale sherry, grandma's furniture, heavy sherry, blackberries and chocolat brownies
taste: smooth sweet entrance, also flavours of coffee and waxy notes, full dryish, flavour of raisins and antique furniture, sweet bitter finish with nuts like almond and dark forest fruits


Nose: Caramel pudding, licorice, a little cocoa. The fruit is almost absent, but intermittently, it has strawberry jam. The opening brings a little egg, royal jelly and a hint of coconut. Prolonged opening makes it fused with a vegetal gain and red fruit jam. A varied nose.

Taste: Not very dense with royal jelly (immediate), dark chocolate and a few raspberries (not really present). Then comes the nuts. It has an almost watery feeling happily balanced well rounded notes. These are relayed by the woody / spicy

Finale: Chocolate briefly then awood emancipating quickly. It has hints of nuts aftertaste. This is still well short (gluttony level).

Comment: A nice whisky getting a little force with sherry notes while at the background round notes (including a magnificent royal jelly) give some body to a dram too watery in the mouth and loses interest as and its progression in the mouth. In the end, some complexity, notes of royal jelly but a pleasant sensation unflattering mouth (texture) and low end.


appearance: reddish gold
nose: medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, furniture wax, dried fruits (nuts), dark cocoa powder, fresh mint, native fruits (yellow plums) and exotic fruits (mango) in the background, light woody dryness that counterbalances the rest of the very soft profile
taste: low to medium intensity (growing up during taste) profile on the same flavors as the nose but the oak is more present to give a half soft half dry profile with a slight bitterness
finish: medium



appearance: reddish gold
nose: medium intensity, very well integrated alcohol, furniture wax, stewed fruit, nuts (walnuts, almonds), red berries, mangoes, very gently, reminds me of a beautiful profile from refill sherry cask
taste: medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, dominated by a well controlled dryness and soft spices, fruits are present but remain in the background and balance the whole, a whisky that takes enormous benefit from breathing in the half full sample (10 days of difference between my first and second tasting, at the first tasting the spices were much more present and the whisky was less balanced)
finish: medium to long
A very nice whisky with a very different nose and taste but both are on a very high level


Nose: first impression: wet cellar, moldy, old, a bit herbal; fruits in alcohol; later with a hint of honey and violets; very little alcohol in the nose; a nice discovery
Palate:nuts, a trace of dark cacao, Sherry, nice harmony between bitter and sweet notes
Finish:the first sip disappears quite quick, the second stays longer, dry finish with a stress on the bitter notes

A nice one, which I would buy



Nose : straight on the sawdust and wood chips. So very acidic, with a clear impression of wine vinegar. Note of young fruit, and may be a bit of licorice (associated with the young wood). Aeration more than an hour does not help very well. The addition of water gives a more balanced nose, dividing it into citrus, but with hints of synthetic cleaning products for leather.
Palate: acid at first, with diluted flavors, goes on a very bitter malt, a bitter young wood. A little fruit (citrus). Hot & spicy pepper. A hint of sweet smoke in the extension of pepper. Powerful enough, but not very pleasant. The water helps to balance the whole though there still is pungent wood all that remains mundane.
Finale: Smoke & soft leather. Long anyway.
Conclusion: Not my cup of tea. The barrel killed the malt . Unfortunately.


Nose: a delicious sherry, dried fruit with spice, oak, cork, leather, salt ... Scents that 'bite' out the nose, then the heavier notes of paraffin, almond, mint and dark chocolate. A little burnt caramel connects together.
Mouth attack on a hint of smoke, intense woody. Then there are the variations of sherry in / both sweet and salty, spicy and fruity round. The ending is a little sulfur
Conclusion: This is good stuff, the alcohol is well integrated. The set is not the greatest accuracy, but it's nice


Colour: amber
Nosing: Vanilla bourbon style, toffee
Tasting: sweet and juicy, fresh oak, nutty
Finish: sweet but short



Color: Amber
Nose: nice sherry notes, on dried fruit, vinous notes and spices.
A little orange, chocolate, tobacco and earthy notes.
Mouth: The sherry is also present, on the fig, cinnamon, coconut, some fresh fruit, bitter chocolate.
Finish: Long on a sherry fruitiness, slight astringency in the finish but not dominant.


Nose: Lovely aromas of fruit tones, sherry, chocolate (pure) and herbs. Even some light smoky and woody tones. All in all a very nice combination.

Taste: Sherry, slightly sweet, spicy and some bitterness (all together very smoothly).

Finish: Medium long, and some wood tones (bitterness and tannins) also.



Color: Amber

Nose: Yum, a beautiful and delicate sherry, with polish, orange juice and apricot, almond paste, all very well blended. Animal as something like the Viandox and a je ne sais quoi of floral (rose water?) And fresh (eucalyptus).

Palate: Fresh, lively and powerful. The wood is more present but this does not stifle the rest. The tangy scent of orange blends with nutmeg and a well dosed tannic bitterness that turns cocoa. Alcohol remains however too far. Adding water did not improve it.

Finish: Medium length, it has a slight astringency due to tannins, without departing from a hint of citrus. The bitterness of the wood becomes dominant, however.

Conclusion: The nose is very friendly, the mouth, although pleasant, remains below in terms of complexity and balance.


Very dry at the beginning, dark cacao, little chili catch, short finish, dry sherry notes


Color: copper.
First aroma reminiscent of Japanese whiskies. Rich and complex. Not very powerful, animal notes, precious wood. Yellow fruits in the background. An unusual sherry. Becomes classical after aerating, dry fruits.
Soft palate, dominated by wood but without astringency. Some fresh fruit. Sherry dominates but without crushing.
Long, moderately intense on the wood and dried fruits. No astringency.
A great success but lacks a little power.


Nose: Fat and fresh. Menthol, light sherry, nuts.

Palate: Walnuts, fat, aqueous.

Final: Many menthol, light sherry, nuts.

Comments: Nice to drink but light and not complex. Nice combination of menthol and sherry, it's rare enough to mention it.



The nose opens with prune, wood and fresh anise. I also found a burned tire distance. Over time the tar replaces the tire, along with mineral and smoky. The prune and persists nicely emphasizes the resin, black currant. The mouth is initially marked on the forest, green fruits (unripe), apple cider, licorice and a hint of banana. The beginning of the final mineral is strongly and quickly replaced by woody, licorice and plum. Average length.
A pleasant whisky, not very original or deep.



Colour: Gold old gold.
Nose: Fruity, grassy, rich, slightly smoky, bold, with some cooked fruits from the orchards and some tangerine. Most pleasant.
Taste: Rich, very fruity, juicy, with a hint of salt, on mango, tangerine, orange, some light peat smoke and some cooked apples. The finish is medium, rich, juicy and fruity, with some peat smoke
Impression: A very good, satisfying and rich fruity whisky


Color: Deep amber.

Nose: Caramel, licorice. Brioche, toasted malt. The nose is very focused on the nuts (hazelnuts, dates, figs). Slightly tannic. Ginger and cinnamon are present. Develops aromas of burnt fruit, raisins, dark chocolate, roasted cocoa, bitter orange, molasses. Dense. It remains quite cool though, on menthol. Woody.

Palate: Very smooth, a little on the bitter black coffee, cocoa and nuts. Lacks a bit of youth to the character, but suddenly it is still flattering. Final a little bitter on old wood, and sweet spices.



Nose: Spices (pepper, paprika), dried tomatoes, exotic fruits. Gaining fruity with aeration.
Taste: Very fruity but falls a little too fast, sweet spices. With aeration, the spices are becoming more aggressive.
Final: Fruity and spicy exotic (sweet spice). Long finish except after aeration.

Comments: Very special in its kind but very good and the spices are a great addition. Doesn't like air!


Color: amber
Nose: Pleasant, rich and rather dry. I perceive prunes, raisins, blood orange .
Palate: balanced, sweet, creamy and complex. Alcohol is well controlled. Winey, the mouth has aromas of leather, a mix of stewed fruit and nuts (hazelnut, pistachio). Faithful to the nose, mouth extends over the blood orange.
Final: good persistence. The mouth becomes dry with lovely notes of cocoa, coriander and nutmeg.
Overall impression: A very nice digestive.


Nose: beautiful beguiling nose even if difficult to dissect. Varnish, wall fruits, nuts. I love. Undeniably an Armagnac side.
Mouth: beautiful silky texture, a little too gentle but found the nose with ripe fruit, nuts.
Finish: rather long though few evolutive and laid.
Conclusion: A beautiful and good malt that could pass for a nice Armagnac! Very nice balance and aromas quite enjoyable even if frustrating because it is difficult to analyze.


Colour: Chestnut.
Nose: How nice this is! Lots of dried and diced exotic fruits (mainly pineapple and mangoes) mingle with fragrant precious wood aromas. Probably rather little alcohol (46%?), but shows more muscles after a while, with some burnt wood, and perhaps some discreet struck matches. Let’s hope the mouth won’t be too oaky...
Mouth: Chewy and tasty. Granted: it is oakier than the nose, with more soft spices and a slight astringency that vanishes given time. The fruitiness remains, with perhaps a little chestnut honey, but the winey side of the sherry is getting more obvious, with a growing dryness from what could be an Oloroso cask.
Finish: Of medium length, with a very pleasant return of the exotic fruits.
Comment: A luscious nose, and a slightly drier mouth. A very pleasant malt that sends me back to recent releases from Macduff and Glen Scotia.



Nose: apricot jam and flowers, I was strongly reminiscent of a Sauternes or a soft Jurançon initially. Then a Cognac or Armagnac. Prunes and baked apples. The nose is original. I really like.
A few nuts and cocoa after a long aeration. With red fruit too.
Influence of sherry or a special finish? Proves after a long aeration.
Palate: The palate is soft, it follows the nose with a good sensation of wet wood
Finish: long on a fruity acidity and a slight return on the nose tipped


Color: Amber
Nose: measured sherry. Dark chocolate, fig chutney, wild strawberry and a hint of curry. There is also, after aeration, a real minty freshness balanced by a fruity little spice and a some nuts. Well built.
Taste: The texture is quite watery with slight chocolate barley and a jumble of red fruits with a dominant strawberry .
Final: Lacks a little peach. Cereal with a hint of berries. The spicy bitterness appears.

Conclusion: A nose that really puts quite varied appetite. The result is less flattering with a mouth that falls on barley and a final average that moves away gradually from the fruity character. quite a honest whisky .