Clynelish ( Official) - 14 years - 14 y.o. - 46,0%
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Clynelish 14 years

14 years
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Jean-Marie Putz

What a wonderful whiwky!!. This is one of my best surprises. Being a lover of Islay whiskies, the malt from Northern Highlands really estonished me. A perfect balance between peat and rare spices malt. This great successor of the dead Brora distillery is far most one of the best whiskies I ever tasted. Its quality-price ratio is very good. I really recommand it. A must for each good whisky collection.

Jean-Marie Putz

Quite a nice nose although rather discrete. Hints of marshmallow behind nice floral notes. Ripe fruit too. Hints of smoke and nice presence of spices. This whisky is not frankly expressive at the first nosing, but it's just subtlety. Very promising nose anyway.
The palate is immediately pleasant mixing nice sweet hints with slightly acid hints, but sill very subtle and nuanced. A fruity taste anyway.
The finish perfectly prolongs the mouth, with its sweetness and refinement on one hand and on the other hand nice spicy contrasts.


Jean-Marie Putz

The nose is between spices and some iodized and slightly smokey hints. In the palate, an interesting contrast between citrus fruits and dry peat. A nice complexity, however less nice than in my memory of preceding tastings. The finish is long and salty, slightly acid.

Henrik Johansson

Date of tasting: 12/11 2007
Apperance: old gold, clear amber Nose: Solvent nose with bubble gums and acid drops, some scorched plastic and fruity hints mainly pears, green apples and some citric notes, slight development of smoke and lots of prickle in the straight nose. The reduced nose lends lots of fresh, sweetish fumes and suddenly this is a very complex dram. It's a pleasant balance between fruits, cereals and some floral and peaty hints lingering in the background. Body: Medium, but very tight Palate: The start is bland and suppressed in reduced dram, the middle is delayed. Then comes a bang of flavours in the back of the tounge and the finish is quite long. The straight dram is much more intense with a dry beginning and a long finish which shifts from honey an! d woody to spicy to teasingly prickly. I prefer to nose this diluted and drink it straight.

Jean-Marie Putz

A delightful spicy and perfumed nose, with some floral and malty hints, the whole beeing very fresh and rather complex. A great complexity in the palate as well, whit some slight citrus hints, on a honey background with peat ant delicious spices. A finish developing on honey hints, than some more bitter and salted touches. A very nice whisky.

Jean-Marie Putz

During the third tasting, the nose was still as delicate and perfumed, with its spicy and floral notes. In the palate, the slightly acid citrus hints seemed to be stronger than the first times, and the spicy notes are still present. A rather long and pleasant finish.