Cameronbridge (Whiskies of Scotland) - 31 years old (46%) - 31 y.o. - 46%
19F: 19E: 85/100

Cameronbridge 31 years old (46%)

Whiskies of Scotland
31 years
Whiskies of Scotland
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Color: Gold
Plastic nose first, smelling like plastic packaging. Slightly fiery but not aggressive, it is pretty cool. Fruit notes in the background, but it's pretty hard to describe, but it turns greener exotic fruits, for sure. Some smell of beeswax in bomb mingle with this fruity note. No, better than this, of beeswax metal bottle just spread on a table, that's such a pleasant smell. Though I hesitate to bomb wax ... Because of vague smell of propellent gas are present. Not surprisingly, the scent of coffee are introduced. And , I can confirm that he is a smell of gas.
Round and bubbly (even peppermint). Woody exotic. A little less fun than the nose because more flat. It still is woody with some exotic fruit. Dried papaya cubes that are found in some muesli, coconut. And maybe, I mean perhaps a wave of mint. Because I feel something super cool in the background. But it's too far to say exactly what it is. By cons, and that's cool, it becomes quite farmy.
Final: soft attack and long. Following on from the mouth with the same fruity, nothing transcendent. It aims to be more spicy then. As a spicy mango puree.

Comment: What a challenge for the note ... At first, I thought the whole is disappointing. Well, not the nose, but the rest. And then, by dint of ventilation, it has become more fun. Although at first glance more expressive, especially the mouth. It will remain flatter than the nose, but also a little richer. This is not really the type of profile that I like in normal times, but I must say that at the time, I really appreciated:) Aside from the slightly disappointing final ... Hence the 89!


NOSE: a family resemblance to the sample 1 (chemical sweetness), and less expressive with a touch of toast (sherry?). Slightly spicy. Far too gentle. A nice note of coffee (milk?) appears later.
Taste: dry and astringent, oily texture then grass and grilled. yardstick. Sulfur limit.
FINAL: the bitterness and toasted (burnt wood) of the mouth. Most of the coffee, nice but too monolithic.

I did not like the first sip. It's getting better later with more fruit in particular. However, not to my taste as too on the side of roasted coffee.


Colour: Old gold.
Nose: Two single grains within the same set? We still have a good measure of Malibu, but there’s complexity here. More wood and spices (really lots of nutmeg and cinnamon), but it’s balanced by something citrusy (lemongrass?). Also quite some sugar candy brought by the Sherry cask, and a some white coffee. Crème brûlée, and a hint of violet.
Mouth: Sweet attack. As pleasant as sucking a “Werther’s Original”. The cotton candy arrives in a second stage, and plays hide and seek with toffee. Milk jam. Rum raisin ice cream. Perhaps a little bit cloying now.
Finish: The crème brûlée is back.
Comment: You’re fond of Carambar? Go for it! But don’t be surprised if you feel queasy after the second dram: This is one for a sweet tooth!


The nose is marked by strong hints of sulfur, but also with solvent (glue). It was also a little vanilla and dry wood, and a light presence of plum liqueur. Everything is dry enough, and more imbued with the power of aromas with alcohol. Then hints of pine and resin appear, opening a little nose that retains the strong flavors from beginning (paint). Aeration helps to soothe slightly off, with a little fruit (mandarin). The water opens significantly with sherry which shows up, along with nuts and cherries. It retains a dry and austere memory.

Mouth attack on cereals and vanilla flavors before showing farmers. It is rather plain at first. Aeration makes it much good. There is then chocolate, fruit, and a beautiful farm / damp development, all without major fault. Water highlights the cereal and chocolate in an almost syrupy atmosphere.

The finale returns to the drought, with wood and vanilla. Some charcoal as well. Medium length, it becomes warm after aeration. The water makes it virtually disappear.

Finally, a decent whisky, the nose is in my opinion a little too influenced by its dominant flavor. Aeration in bottle should make him the most good.


Color: Gold
Nose: Pleasant, ample in which I perceive honey, apricots and yellow peaches sprinkled with cinnamon. Some notes of dried fruit. The wood is more noticed after aeration and it's a shame.
Taste: Powerful. Nice texture, very fruity (yellow fruit), cereal bars with hazelnuts, pleasant light bitterness.
Finish: Very long on the same tone as the mouth, but again the final appearance of the wood bother me a bit.
Overall impression: I like 90% of the malt (but the side licking wooden board I like less, especially in the final sense, which will suffer on the note) which has the profile of some of Speyside.



Couleur or.
Not very expressive nose, on vanilla and fruit. Mild solvents, coconut. A grain?
Mouth of the grain. Coconut solvents.
Finale sweet, rather long.
I does not catch on single grain ...



Colour: Old gold
The nose is very quiet although a little alcohol in the beginning. Beautiful notes of coconut cover hints of sherry. A plum jam with coconuts. The nose is pleasant though not very complex.
In the mouth, the coconut is undeniable. Relatively little complex, the mouth develops a beautiful harmony between the coconut and the usual sensations of whiskies aged in sherry: cocoa, plums.
The mouth, though pleasant, is far from memorable.
Surprisingly enough after a mouth somewhat mat, the finish is long and warm. Clear presence of coconuts here too, making this final is something very sweet and does certainly not lacking in character.


Color : pale bronze

Nose : We start with notes of vegetables, dry apricot, and some rancid butter. Some sulfer, a slight astringent smell (dust). Nice whiffs of fall, dry fruits (date, fig, raisins) and some almond powder (almond paste maybe). Very well integrated alcohol. Nicely done. A little weak and not to my taste, but nice.

Mouth : Very weak. On carrot soup, dry apricot, custard. Notes of cardboard, slightly chemical. Then some woody bitterness, not astringent but not well tamed. It lacks dynamism to coat this medium mouth.

Finale : medium, bitter, on dry apricot and almond paste.

Conclusion : a pretty nice nose but a weak and common mouth, too diluted.


Colour: Darker yellow, soft greenish glints, many fine legs.
Nose: Very floral, (heather honey). Field flowers, Sweet tropical blossoms. Soft hints of cantaloupes. Later getting even sweeter, but very pleasant and complex. Also a soft wooden note.
Taste: Also floral (grassy) and fruity. Best Jamaica rum and raisins (Rumtopf, that means pickled fruits and berries in rum, german recipe from my mother) combined with milk chocolate. Hazelnuts. Very delicate, no water needed here.
Finish: Still a nice fruity rum cocktail on the tongue. Surprise: A very fine and pleasant bitter wood note (smoke?) not detected before shows up in the very ending. Very amiable finish.
Guesswork: Hard to guess: Arran? Glenmorangie? Speysider? Lowlander? Reminds me of a Bladnoch I had once... Very pleasant anyway, I say. Age for sure more than 10 years (this pleasant finish), strength no more than 46%.


Appearance: Straw
nose: Medium to strong intensity (the intensity is growing with aeration), freshly toasted bread (especially at the beginning), slightly acid fruit, jellies, purple, preserved milk, floral (the last two flavors especially after a long breathing )
Taste: Medium to strong intensity, again this complex mixture and the melted aromas of the nose, nothing that disturbs the pleasure of the palate
finish: medium
With water: No change. It is a good swimmer, even if the whisky has absolutely no need for water.
conclusion: Complex and well melted whisky, provided you give him enough time to express fully. I like it.


I apologise for so short notes…

Very grain whisky again (like sample 1) but more beautiful and complex. Vanilla and light solvant, precious wood and fruity notes. I like it.


Color: Intense gold

Nose: Organic, the black mushrooms and slightly sulphurous, with a slight scent of gunpowder. Power is controlled, all very expressive. It then develops the raisins, encaustic, walnut. At the second tasting, the sulfur is gone, or at least relegated to the background, letting a sherry greedier, more gentle, with a little milk chocolate and dried fig, wood and notes vinous, too, in addition to the notes already present at the first tasting. Everything is very nicely melted.

Taste: The attack presents a lack of power. The mid palate is a bit sharper, but lacks expressiveness. There are notes sulfur that were already present at the nose, still well controlled, black mushrooms and dried grapes, but their lack of intensity scale and a slight alcohol bite in the finish chokes them. He collapses in the presence of water. It turns out better in the second tasting, more expressive, very classic expression of sherry, walnuts, raisins, milk chocolate.

Finish: Medium length, of the raisins and the bitterness of the walnuts.

Conclusion: A nice whisky which was revealed at the second tasting.


Colour: pale gold.
The nose is fruity and marked by beautiful notes of beeswax. A touch of alcohol that brings freshness.
Mouth. The attack is sweet, almost syrupy alcohol before fueling the aromas and gives tone. The second part of the mouth is brought by notes of yellow fruit (peach and apricot).
The finish is long and balanced. Looking back over the aromas detected on the nose and mouth fishing and beeswax.
The set is perfectly balanced with good structure and a tasting that is getting stronger from the beginning to the end.


First of all, behind notes of oak and vanilla, we guess clearly the gunpowder (mineral). Notes of oak thus, then roasted cereal, dried fruits (dates, walnut / hazelnuts), a little bit vinous and dry side which reminds me the sherry. We also find some milk chocolate, or some coffee with milk.
A singular, interesting nose.
The mouth opens on the oak, the vanilla and the almond, with an a little bit coniferous side. They are then dried fruits, fig, cereal and a varnished note. Some flowers (violette ?). Bitter and roasted accents of chocolate or soft coffee finish finely the whole to bring on one finale rather mineral. This time I find the gunpowder, the dust of rock, but also the chocolate, the grilled almond. Some reminders on the resin of pine and the old barrel.
What a complexity! The set is very smart, the mouth sometimes seems to be rickety, but always saved by new or complementary aromas. Very beautiful score in 2 voices on the roasted notes, of dried fruits, chocolate and coffee versus the vanilla, the wood and the almond. I think that this whisky saw finishing its ageing in a barrel of sherry. It's successful in any case.


Color: Clear, pale gold.
Nose: first nose a little rubber and sulfur. Then pretty soon accompanied by floral and fruity notes, yellow fruits. It is a nice balance between rubber and very sweet fruit. Maybe a little peat and smoke, but very light. Animal, leather, musk, salty. Over time, the nose gains in power and basically all flavors previously collected. Nice balance and good complexity.
Water changes a little that nose. It just becomes more homogenous, balanced and melted. It magnifies it, but it loses a little power.
Palate: smooth and soft. Rise very gradually without overflow or become uncomfortable. Like the notes received on the nose but even more melted and homogeneous.
As the nose, water aligns the mouth even more, but it borders on surdilution dice the first drops and we begin to see an early watery notes.
Finale: In the wake of the mouth, with a great feeling fat and smoke.
Just as the mouth and nose, water weakens the expressiveness of the final, and even begins to reveal a slight bitterness.

Comment: A very nice sherry, very expressive, a little wild, just enough. Both representative and atypical of this type of whiskey. It's very well done. A fine brandy, and a nice maturation. Be careful with water, it appears drowning fast enough. Dilute in moderation or not at all ....


Nose: Young sherry, tocuhes of sulphur. Creamy cake that balance the nose. Café latté and a side very spicy, peperry, celeri.
Mouth: Too soft attack, pepper, spicy, young sherry, café latté. In the continuity of the nose. Salty with time together with a creamy side, nice balance.
Final: Cappuccino with cream. Some fruits also (passion).


Color: straw yellow
Nose: Alcohol well integrated. Light air of stale cigarette smoke mixed with some citrus.
Palate: True to nose with a little bit more of citrus.
Final medium.
A straight whisky.


Color: Light Amber
Nose: Starts on a nice sherry, orange and plum with a little chocolate in the background and lots of coconut.
In the bottom few notes of incense and sugar.
Palate: The palate wood is too far, astringent and mild coconut.
A lot of spices, nuts and honey.
Final meidum between coconut and astringency.
Whisky much like a bourbon.


Color: Gold
Nose: Complex. Rosted Pineapples, mandarin. Precious wood.
Aromatic density
Final: Sherry. Dired fruits (almonds, hazelnuts) chocolate.
Nice lenght