Tomatin (The Whisky Agency) - 1976, Liquid Sun - 34 y.o. - 48,7%
19F: 19E: 87/100

Tomatin 1976, Liquid Sun

The Whisky Agency
34 years
Liquid Sun
Bottle details:
non chill filtered cask strength
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Colour: Old gold to mahogany
Very nice fruity notes and a subtle but undeniable presence of sherry characterize this extremely pleasant nose. A slight discomfort caused by alcohol fortunately fades very quickly at aeration. The nose is rich and fairly complex where ripe fruit rubs with notes of cigar box and after a few moments, of beautiful fresh notes of green fruit. Then come sweet scent of cocoa. It seems that the nose needs time to develop. But with a little patience, what a reward!
The mouth is initially smooth, coffee notes, notes of plum jam, perfectly balanced. Just fun. The memory of sherry hangs over this whisky with a beautiful complexity, a great mastery of the cask that allows to identify some woody scent, but so discreet that they blend perfectly with the whole.
The final first develops a slight bitterness, notes of cigar box that was perceptible to the nose reappear here. Medium length, it extends perfectly the pleasure of the mouth.


NOSE: attack on a dry sherry, slightly dusty. A light fruity appears thereafter (including the Williams pear ripe and juicy, and fishing in syrup). Nice nose rather greedy.
Taste: in phase with the dry sherry nose. A bit of sulfur that disappears in favor of a nice fruity. Nice greasy texture. Wins to aeration!
Finish: medium long but also on the fruity bitterness (green fruit / not ripe enough). A little too short for my taste.

A really nice set despite some notes I do not like (sherry sulfur / greenness).


Colour: Fallen leave.
Nose: 100% pure butter fruit cake. Crystallized angelica. Slightly prickling, but nothing eliminatory (around 52% ?). Then, we have a little caramel, and more oak. Slightly peppery, and perhaps the hickory smoked side of paprika. Unfolds slowly on fresh fruits. Something like Fanta (OK, I know this ain’t fresh fruit…) And litres of blood oranges now. Very ripe pineapple too. It took a little while, but it’s the fruity side that’s on the foreground now. And that’s much more to my liking.
Mouth: Starts on soft caramel, orange juice, and a hint of light coffee. And after a handful of seconds, I switch to the 4th dimension. My brain pops out of my head, and my thoughts vanish. There’s nothing else on earth but this huge exotic blast. The very same than the one you get with high end 75 or 76 Benriachs, with tons of maracuja and guava, perfectly sustained by the alcohol.
Finish: Long and tasty. Perhaps a bit oaky and drying now.
Comment: No need to say I liked this one a lot. Stellar it would have been if bottled a bit sooner. In my opinion.


Color: Amber
The nose starts out very delicious on toast in the morning spread with butter. Vague smell of sherry are present. The aromas are at the moment, not so simple as that put forward, let him time. Sherry resurfaced. More noticeable, but not necessarily extravagant. What is not worse. We can say that is a discreet and elegant sherry. With all this come hints of milk chocolate. Fused with the sherry it is good:)
Soft palate, and bitter (not yet out of pity ...). It becomes more vegetal with a taste of fresh grass and chewed mint (but mint just picked from the garden of course). Basically it looks like the juice of herbs. It's pretty and it gives it a nice freshness. The bitterness is there but does not invade the mouth, and God thank you!
Final woody and slightly warm. A bit too short for my taste. It is against the continuation of the mouth which is not bad at all:)

Comment: Not so bad this whiskey! Good nose is not really a breathtaking wealth as well as the mouth, but they are well built and greedy. For the length of the final against, it is regrettable. It would have taken it to be more persistent for this malt takes out two more points:)


The nose opens with affirmed woody notes, which will gradually go towards more floral and pastry flavors. It's soft and of a suitable power. These pastry smells (sugar, sponge cake, orange) dominate, without becoming disagreeable. Especially since the honey at first, then chocolate, spices and heady flowers, come in a second time to sway this dominance. The water allows the development of sherry (strawberries and almonds).

The palate is syrupy, close to ripe orange. Syrupy and round, it changes rapidly to a mixture of orange and chocolate, like Christmas chocolate. Then, a wave of farm & wet (foam, glade) appear to give the mouth an unexpected dimension. The set comes out more than adequate, especially as the water allows an explosion of red fruit up front (cherry, blackberry, strawberry), even if, ultimately, there’s a lack of complexity.

The finish is on farm notes. Average, it evolves into notes of fresh and juicy yellow fruit (pear). Water adds a bit of vegetal.

In conclusion, a correct whisky, especially as I appreciate the dominant flavors.


Amber color.
The nose is greedy. Sweet. Notes caramelized, pretty wooded area. Some fruit in the background, nice roundness (refill sherry?). Mellitus.
The second nose is less expressive. Light.
Mouth sweet, sugared, fruity. Slightly bitter woody.
Final fairly long pretty intense of jam fruit (tropical fruit).
Nice set.


Color : Nice bronze

Nose : We start with nice notes of pine cone, pine, spices (cinnamon). We follow with vegetables soup (pumpkin, carrot). We can then detect a nice freshness (menthol, eucalyptus). Nose falls down a bit, so we can find whiffs of meat, orange liquor with zests and butter. At the end, walnut (liquor).

Mouth : At first, rich orange (liquor), like crêpe Suzette, "crème brûlée", caramel. Too bad that the caramel is a bit burnt. No astringency, no wood. But a vegetal bitterness (walnut skin), coffee.

Finale : medium long, on "crème brûlée" (caramel).

Conclusion : a pretty complex nose, very changing. An interesting mouth, but the bitterness spoils a bit the rich side.


Colour: Mahagony, very soft greenish glints.
Nose: Nifty sherry (raisins and figs), not too dominating with delicate wooden notes, backed by a strange impression of wet newspaper (eggnog?).
Taste: Alcohol sure more than 46%. A strange and disturbing floral note I haven’t been aware in the nose dominates here the first impression: Like strange smelling weed or old vegetable soup. Strange and not very pleasant to me. I will try if a wee bit of water helps: Still a very strange and unbalanced blend of old dried fruit and overly cooked and very much spiced vegetable soup.
Finish: Very peppery, which is fine, but not at all round and harmonizing with the fruits and wrongly spiced soup. Long and migling between black pepper and perfumed soap.
Guesswork: This might be a very fine, old and expensive whisky matured in a sherry or port cask. But sorry, exactly not my dram.


Color: Amber.
Nose: Rich and powerful on the precious woods and exotic fruits (mango, pineapple, ripe banana) all covered with a veil of honey and vanilla. The nose is very attractive!
Taste: Whoa! Lots of body, imposing on the palate. Avalanche of tropical fruits (mango, papaya, guava, banana, and I certainly forgotten ...) a minty edge. Remarkable!
Finale: It goes on at length about the same tones (to my delight).
Overall impression: I love it! It is not without make me think of some Tomatin tasted recently in any case an excellent malt.


appearance: reddish yellow
nose: low to medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, toffee, sweet sherry Oloroso, a little alcoholic freshness (this is a good counterweight to the heavy sherry aroma)
Taste: Medium intensity, slightly bitter, leather, spices, rather typical sweet Oloroso sherry aromas
finish: Short to medium
With water: No major change
conclusion: Good whisky, especially pleasing to lovers of maturation in sherry casks


I apologise for so short notes…

Sweet sherry on tropical fruits in finish.
Would I be arrogant if I bet it is a Tomatin 76 ?


Color: Amber

Nose: A bit aggressive at the start, with a first nose of raisins, he then develops notes of solvents or glue universal and fresh sawdust. It varies a moment between these two poles, then come a few touches of cedar root, and especially figs preserved in syrup. Very gently in the nose, and a complexity that is revealed in the course of aeration. Water brings out the nuts typical of cask aged sherry. He opened beautifully in the second tasting. One always finds the sweetness of figs and candied notes of solvent and sawdust, but mixed with herbs evoking an old monastery and a je ne sais quoi of medicinal.

Palate: The attack is powerful, too, but interesting, ripe fruit of almost exotic. The mid palate, however, loses the sweetness, with a wooded area that is very present, especially the burning of the alcohol anesthesia buds. The mouth needs a little water. Yes, water actually makes him good. It erases the spice of alcohol, but it remains still too woody for my taste, despite some softness. It proves to be less explosive in the second tasting, the water is no longer necessary. It seems also less woody, more balanced, the sweetness of candied fruit (figs still) able to counteract the bitterness of the wood.

Finish: Long, but it is slightly astringent.

Conclusion: The nose is very beautiful, very correct mouth despite some astringency on the finish. It reminds me a bit of a grain.


Amber colored caramel.
The nose is clearly marked by sherry: tarte tatin.
The mouth is a bit watery in the mouth entry. Alcohol is next to give the structure. The flavors are similar to those of the typical sherry nose: dark chocolate, stewed fruit.
The finish is chocolate with nice notes of spices (cinnamon, cardamom, coriander)

Whisky is nice despite the small deficit early in the mouth.


Nose: fruity on the apple, some malt and a suspicion of smoke. A drop of lemon, and perfumed by spices: licorice, sandalwood.
Thorough notes on the sherry (dry wood). Reminds me the manzanilla.
Simple and well balanced. With aeration, the sherry stands out.
Mouth: burning a little. Sweet apple, almond paste and a little bit bitter malt.
Spices and sherry omnipresent. Lemon to finish on licorice and the anise.
Rather heavy, bitter, a little bit disappointing mouth compared to the nose which looked rather fine.
Finale on the dry sherry.
A little disappointed by that one. The aeration makes it slightly finer, but it is not enough. Lack of lightness and imposing presence. Not the profile which I love most.


Colour: Old gold, amber.
Nose: very pleasant first nose, flower potpourri, poetic, feminine. Marie Brizard slightly. Followed by a hint of rubber. Some woody bitterness . At this stage, the beautiful notes of potpourri are almost gone. Anise candy. Over time, becomes pastry on the financier. A bit of bitterness and astringency as well.
Water greatly harmonizes the nose. It is at once very homogeneous, melted and balanced but loses a little character. Becomes slightly herbaceous and ointments.
Mouth: creamy, spicy. A kind of honey a little woody. Somewhat disagree with the nose, but pleasant. Less complex than the nose, but melted and smooth.
Few drops of water on the brink of surdilution, even if it is still very enjoyable.
Finale: In the perfect extension of the mouth to the point that it is difficult to know when one ends and where the other begins. Pleasant, expressive, harmonious and good length. There are anise notes.
Few drops of water are enough to destroy the final.

Comment: A bit disjointed, but so far very enjoyable. Water should be avoided. Starts very well in the face, but quickly loses some of its interest


Nose: Very elegant, tropical fruits, plum, fig, juicy and jamy too. Honey, oriental spicies. Becomes waxy with noble wood, resinous. Beautiful.
Mouth: Too soft attack, a pitty. Very fruity, tropical and passion fruit. Spicy, slightly vegetal. Honey balanced by acid drops. We can also find some oranges. Nice.
The final is on the passion fruit, orange, with a nice retro on the noble wood, with maybe a hint of smoke.


Color: Gold
Nose: Alcohol very discreet. Attack on the raisins, walnuts. Nice sherry notes.
Palate: True to the nose. Beautiful sherry (PX?).
Finish: Long on raisins and nuts.
Well balanced whisky, sherry without flaw.


Colour: Amber
Nose: A nice sherry, with beautiful vinous notes , chocolate, spices, dried fruits and dates.
A bit of plum brandy in the background.
With aeration it becomes more floral and fruity.
Palate: A fruity sherry very pleasant in the mouth, no astringency and a very well integrated alcohol.
Fresh fruit is present: orange, apricot and passion.
We also spices, honey and a hint plant in the background.
Long finish on fruit and spices.


Color: Amber
Nose: Orange liquor
Mouth: blackcurrant, blackcurrant leaves