Tamdhu (The Whisky Agency) - 1990, Liquid Sun - 21 y.o. - 48,1%
19F: 19E: 84/100

Tamdhu 1990, Liquid Sun

The Whisky Agency
21 years
Liquid Sun
Bottle details:
distillation: 1990 bottling: 2011
Sherry butt
/312 bottles
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Color: Amber
Very sherry nose, grapes, or even a milk chocolate with raisins, overripe red fruits, strawberry in particular, is greedy. And clearly this chocolate remains in place.
Alcohol is fairly well controlled. I say "fairly" because after a while it became much more marked by alcohol. It's a shame.
Mouth slightly dry and mineral. It is more powerful than the nose. It may be a little dusty. More deeply, the taste of just crushed fresh hazelnuts.
Finish: still sherry, nice continuity. It is very long. But rather funny because it breaks at once to return later with a delicious red fruit coulis. I like it.

Comment: Very good whisky. My notes are short, but that does not mean that I did not like. So I stick to the basics for this one:) Ha, if a disappointment to feel alcohol's nose really bothered me. Which justifies the reduction of the note.


Nose: anything that seems watery nose! Rather apart from a timid note of peach syrup and coffee filter. Winey (Pineau / Porto). Armagnac. Mint.
Mouth: oily mixture of Armagnac, port and Pineau ... weird! Rum (molasses) even more ... Very disturbing.
Finale: a maelstrom of notes surprising, as mentioned in the mouth. Not necessarily very long.

Not a big fan in a first time. A "love it or hate it". Will not leave indifferent. For my part I have not caught even if the jam has a certain originality. I will not be surprised to find a finish.


The nose is outstanding with fade and change. Beginning with the piquant flavors of citrus fruit on play dough with a distant influence of sherry (oilseeds), it quickly becomes softer, with the assertive sherry (chocolate). This is not a sherry gourmet: it is balanced by earthy notes and spices (lemon, pepper). Aeration allows the nose to become frankly pastry (coffee, pastry cream, sugar), with also the appearance of some farm notes.

The palate confirms the promise of the nose. Dominated by sherry, it started on chocolate before turning into pastry aromas. Powerful, syrup and alcohol are properly integrated, it develops later on all that sherry can offer: nuts, berries, coffee liqueur, all getting better thanks to the ventilation . All is well controlled, it is a very good job.

The long final, begins with notes of tobacco leaves, before proposing a lovely complexity with flavors of sherry, but also something fresher and invigorating reminiscence of an after eight. Aeration highlights some very nice notes of dark chocolate and pastry.

In conclusion, a good whisky with aromas perfectly integrated and controlled with a sherry profile distinguished by its freshness and vigor.



Amber color, orange highlights.
Nose: greedy, quite powerful on the sherry. Beautiful woody, some dried fruit. Light orange notes. The nose is not very expressive.
Mouth rather powerful. Wood dominates, slight bitterness. Dried fruit.
Moderately long finish, marked by intense enough wood. Slightly bitter.
A fairly classic sherry.


Color: Brown, Mahogany
A very pleasant nose strongly marked by sherry. Notes of chocolate that share the spotlight with some scents of cigar box. Thus slightly woody notes. All in a nice complexity and perfect balance. After a few moments, hay notes also appear.
The first impression in the mouth is bitterness and somewhat unexpected freshness intertwined. Apart from the element of surprise (because the nose did not anticipate such a profile), the mouth is very pleasant, complex and balanced. The contrast between the chocolate notes, the slightly woody and fresh notes of plum and sour unripe is very interesting. But beyond the first sip, it is the traditional sherry notes that clearly dominate.
Nice finish long and warm, perfectly summarizing the impressions of the mouth and nose.
An excellent sherry ..


Color : Bronze

Nose : We start with notes of fig, cinnamon, date, plum, lassi (indian yogurt) and sour milk. Some salt. Very sweet and complex. Balsamic vinegar. Vine peach (liquor), very ripe summer fruits, almost rotting. Nice floral whiffs (tropical flowers). It's very vinous, a nice sherry. Slightly woody and peppery (white pepper). It's ample, warming and elegant. In the end, some menthy coolness.

Mouth : We find plum, date and some wood. Mouth is ample and rich, bitter but fresh (mint). It feels like eating dry apricots. Too ripe guava, blacks fruits (blackberry).

Finale : long, suave, sugary with a slight bitterness.

Conclusion : A two faced dram. A very complex nose, a mouth at first a bit monolithic, a little behind, even if it's nice. Some drops of water open it a little. After a few minutes, it's smooth, rich and generous. A tad too woody.


Colour: Fallen leaf. Infused tea.
Nose: Young and powerful sherry. Something sweet and sour, not unlike south east Asian cooking (pork with pineapples for instance). After a little while, gets quite “A’Bunadh ish”, unfolding on dry fruits (almond peels, hazelnuts). Not unpleasant at all, but seems rather simple whisky to me, with a bit too much caramel to my liking.
Mouth: Really hot now (55%?), but quite sweetish at the same time, almost cloying. Same sweet and sour feeling than on the nose, with more spices coming from the cask. Some cinnamon, and a hint of clove. Also a little cocoa. No bitterness, but quite some tannin.
Finish: Medium length, with brown sugar and milk chocolate.
Comment: A high strength malt, probably from a large batch rather than a single cask. Not bad whisky, but the dialog with the sherry is a tad boring.


Colour: Medium mahogany, long legs in the glass.
Nose: Fine dried fruits, dates, figs, beautiful and round, easy sherry here, not too dominating. Later honey and burnt caramel. (Field blossoms in springtime) Sweet but not without a fine complexity.
Taste: Surprisingly strong and very dry, even smoky. Much less sherry and few fruits but bitter herbs. (Garden works in springtime, burning leaves and twigs.) Fine wooden oaky notes and a pleasant mustiness leading toward the very pleasant and dry ...
Finish: Again dry and pleasant and very very long and mingling between sweet dry fruits and fine oak.
Guesswork: This dram is very hard to guess. I could have placed a big bet on a simple sherry cask after the nose, but the palate maked me very unsure here. Perhaps a port or other sweet wine (marsala) finish. Alcohol is also hard to guess: Seems to be more than 43% but the palate is so fine and round, the finish so pleasant, I cannot add water here... Macallan? Aberlour? Something like this. Very lekker anyway. I’m very curious to learn what it is, always being in search for a sherry dram I really can love ....


Color: Copper
Nose: Powerful, marked by sherry olrosso. Lots of cocoa, dates, raisin cake with hints of ginger and sweet spices that are more discreet with aeration. Also note the presence of a slight match presence.
Palate: Round, beautiful aromatic richness. Plum, dried fruit and sweetness to match the bitterness of the cocoa. Some pepper and mint.
Finish: Quite long on cocoa without any aggressiveness.
Overall impression: Well balanced, with a slight preference for the mouth. A very good sherry cask, certainly from Speyside, for fans of this type of very distinctive whisky and I am part of them....


Appearance: light amber
nose: Medium intensity, well integrated alcohol, almond paste, vanilla freshness, cooked fruits, hazelnut, a bit of burnt rubber
Taste: Average intensity, the same aromas as on the nose but the bitter burnt rubber dominates too much for my taste
finish: average
With water: Loses some intensity on the nose, the mouth has less bitter burned rubber, I prefer the whisky with a few drops of water
conclusion: A pleasant whisky on the nose and on the palate provided you add a few drops of water


I apologise for so short notes…

Dry sherry, strong caramel and spices, burnt wood.
In mouth, powerfull taste with nuts on finish.
This strong sherry cask reminds me recent Glendronach.


Color: Amber

Nose: Aggressive, balsamic vinegar, gunpowder, match freshly scraped and black mushrooms. We are in the territory of sherry. It is a little more gradually winey and sweet with hints of raisin cooked wine. After aeration, notes of nuts and mocha. Strangely, it seemed very different at the second tasting, with notes typical of dry sherry, fino or amontillado types with this blend of nuts (almonds, walnuts) and acidity. Very special, it almost seemed repulsive to me first nose than I got used to it... Not an easy, nose but once we hooked, it before turns out very good.

Palate: Powerful, the burn of alcohol is noticeable, though manageable. In line with the nose, with hints organic acids and sulfur, rubber and raisins. Typical of some kind of sherry, not gourmet but dry. The mouth has changed little against the two tastings.

Finish: Quite long, though it continues what began in the mouth before ending the bitterness of the walnuts, unfortunately marred by an unpleasant smell of rubber.

Conclusion: A straight whisky , but well done and interesting. A kind of archetype. The water does not change significantly, but makes it easier to drink. He swims well.


Amber color.
The nose is initially a dusty feeling, then comes the dark chocolate and caramelized apples typical refinery in sherry casks.
The mouth is round and balanced. Chocolate wins. Alcohol is the second part and brings freshness.
The finish is marked by very powerful chocolate. The impression of dust returns as if the language was a little sprinkled Van Houten. Whisky is lighter and a little savory.


In the nose, the first impression is on the wet rock and the firecracker! A little marshmallow, raisins soaked with rum, with malted and caramelized notes mixed with a little ash. A little bit explosive elements which expect a powerful whisky, at least in alcohol. In halftone, maybe a little bit floral, and a bottom pastry cook, between the toffy, the almond paste and the candied fruits. In the aeration, the toffy stands out, with a little licorice. A lot of character in any case.
The attack in mouth is exactly explosive, even sparkling. In some words, bitter malt, the ash, then fruity acidulated notes (apple) and wooded (oak), to continue on the dry sherry, and on the oak (vanilla). Some spices in addition come to perfect the whole. A mouth quite in transition, melted, magnificent.
Finale is greedy, on the a little bit coniferous oak, the roasted cereal and the walnut (return of the sherry).
Really a dram very beautiful. The mouth is brilliant, and finale too.


Colour: Old gold , clear teak.
Nose: nose first on coffee and much of the anise. Wood, dry wood, old furniture, but without polish. Creamy. Nuts (cashews, pecans). Rubber appears gradually. Hints of spearmint. A slight bitterness and astringency. Slightly caramelized. Toast, crust of stale bread. Coffee and anise continue to alternate.
Water highlights the notes of coffee at the expense of the rest. Coffee left on the stove, dessert coffee. Some notes salty, coppery, almost animal. Anise has become very light.
Taste: relatively bright, creamy, spicy, with notes and similar to the nose, but melted, less discernible.
With water, the attack is a little less bright, but the mouth remains broadly the same notes.
Final: A big hole early in the final, and smoke, only smoke. Smoke perfumed aromas previously collected. Slightly astringent.
Water has filled that hole a little at the beginning of the end. The final gain much power, with notes closest to the nose than the mouth. However astringency This also reinforced and accompanied by bitterness.

Comment: Very well done, a nice sherry. Nice aniseed notes that suggest a Glenlivet. It lacks that je ne sais quoi to enter the area of great whiskys, but it's very pleasant. Water or not, depending on whether one prefers to choose the nose or the mouth and final


Nose: Very fruity, tropical, banana and pineapple (1st tasting). Hint of young sherry I don't appreciate that much, these notes becoming stronger at second tasting. Hint of sulphur. With time, coffee, orange, chocolate.
Mouth: Start sulphury, young sherry, slightly fruity (with tropical fruits at 1st tasting), bitter orange, coffee. We find these notes in the final and a touch of alchoool. Slightly long on the coffee.


Color: Bronze
Nose: Sweet attack (rum, grappa), followed by sublime notes of fresh vanilla. Alcohol well integrated.
Palate: On the same sweet notes of rum. Alcohol is a little bit more present but very well integrated.
Final average white grapes notes.
Good balance from the nose to the final.


Colour: Amber
Nose: Caramel and the omnipresence of cough syrup for children.
A little nut behind the veil of caramel cheap.
The water reduces slightly caramel but does nothing else ....
Palate: The palate same, this time over cooked caramel and bitterness.
If we seek we will find a little nuts, but you have to be persistent.
Water does not mitigate the caramel and strengthens the astringency.
Long and astringent.
How to select a cask like this or they were forced on the E150 too:)


Color: Amber
Nose: Winy Sherried
Mouth: Sherried, red fruits (cherries, wild strawberrries
Dried fruits (Pecan nuts)
Final: Bitter chocolate