Ardmore (The Whisky Agency) - 1992, Liquid Sun. Heavily peated - 18 y.o. - 49,1%
19F: 19E: 82/100

Ardmore 1992, Liquid Sun. Heavily peated

The Whisky Agency
18 years
Liquid Sun
Bottle details:
distillation: 1992 bottling: 2011
non chill filtered cask strength
/209 bottles
price class:

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Color: white wine
Nose quite warm at first. Very fruity and thereafter. In the register of perfectly ripe sweet pear. Perhaps the smell of sweet popcorn just hot. Too bad it is not more rich and expressive. After a while covered, I do not have very good news. It smells it is pushing sorry, dirty socks. It's not all that terrible! And fortunately, this smell is volatile! Much further, I feel a touch of the exotic behind for my taste very bland surroundings. But it so far away that it is difficult to put a name and give an accurate sense ...
Fluid and soft palate. Maybe very slightly ashy in attack. It becomes more sweet, pungent and resinous thereafter.
Final particularly flat and length more than medium.

Comment: I have not hooked up with this sample. It could have been done well, but his lack of richness and balance on the note that breaks the figure. It is a whisky that I have not finished.


Color: Gold
The nose is quite complex, made of bitter tea and rather austere fruity notes. somewhat difficult to define but intriguing and enjoyable smell floats in the background. Some gentian air. This whisky seems to play a very special record. Notes of cut grass appear after aeration.
The mouth is first rather bitter, gentian impression of the nose seems to be developing here. Relatively complex, it mixes the bitter notes with fresher scent of dried cut grass
The finish is discreet at first and then rises slightly more powerful, still on that freshness bitterness duality. A taste of honey candy seems to appear after a few moments.


Colour: Straw.
Nose: Phenolic and fuity. A mix of dust, cold ashes, and lemon sweet (Haribo crocodiles, the yellow ones). And quite some alcohol, but well mastered. Then, turns more complex, becoming really interesting now. Some dirty and farmy notes ala Brora (stable, horse dung, argan oil) mingle with some nice soft and discreet hints of fudge that could come from a refill butt. Rustic veggies (all kind of tubers). Chestnut.
Mouth: Starts sweet and creamy, with nearly no peat at that point. Then, the peat develops with some balm aromas. The alcohol grows bigger (probably over 55%), but never bites. Then we go on with some green lemon peel that makes it tastier.
Finish: Long, getting slightly rooty and with a hint of anise.
Comment: A beautiful old style peaty farmy malt that requires your attention or you may let it pass you by.


Nose: not too intense but quite complex. Marin and imperceptibly smoked at first nosing. A little spicy. Light peat is a gradually appearing. Candied lemon. Oat cake. Green apple and peppermint. Medicinal.
Palate: oily, very sweet and fresh and fruity (candied lemon). That same hyper discreet Peat like at the nose. Very nice. A bit of licorice. Sweet / salty.
Finish: medium long and in line with the mouth, the fresh minty nose to boot. Old leather retro olfaction.

Still not a fan of peat at the moment, but I confess to have taken a certain pleasure this time. Nice balance, some complexity, not bad!


The nose opens with a strange feeling of play dough, followed by paint and citrus. It's a bit strong. There’s also a little of salt and wax. It’s rather heterogeneous in fact. Aeration put all in order, where a beautiful dominant wood dust, reminiscent of a sawmill, accented with spicy aromas and medicinal (ether) is being set up. All this becomes appropriate, before ventilation continues its work, mixing the dominant peaks of peat and cereal. The water makes it softer, and reveals notes of heady flowers.

Mouth, slightly watery at first, is of farm and grain, with a little citrus. We must wait a little before this whisky reveals its true potential and put forward powerful farm moist and rustic grades, without being intrusive. It is well controlled. It also has milk chocolate in attack, but also a hint of minerality on the finish. Water highlights the red fruit on the attack.

The final average is the scene of a beautiful farm alliance between the notes of the mouth and the smoke of barbecue. Aeration allows subtle notes of mineral and vegetal to appear, leaving a sensation of moisture. We keep a memory of strange bitterness.

In conclusion, an interesting whisky, with with farming notes at their best. I like it.


Color: White wine
Nose: Alcohol very present. Some Citrus ... Some cereals. Dilution does not change anything.
Mouth: alcohol still present. Always accompanied by a slight grain bitterness. The dilution reduces the bitterness but does nothing else.
Final average with some grain.


Colour: straw.
Nose: Fairly quiet, first floral, then the presence of alcohol masks somewhat the aromas of flowers, apple, anise with a very slight hint of smoke.
Taste: Warming, acid drops flavored red fruit and herbaceous notes of geranium and orange zest.
Finish: Quite long, dry, rather bitter (notes of coffee).
Overall impression: The palate is more expressive than the nose. Makes me think more about a young malt from the Lowlands might be particularly enjoy the semi summer periods ...


Colour: Yellowish, clear apple juice, nice and oily.
Nose: In the beginning a bit biting and spritty. Later nice nifty peat (old leather armchairs) combined with citrus peel. Pleasant but lacking of complexity.
Taste: Very pungent in the beginning, strong alcohol (cask strength), some water is needed. With water still a bit overwhelming, strong smoke, but also disturbing subnotes like old bread and rusty metal. Unripe fruits. Seems to be very young to me.
Finish: Also metallic, medium long and not that pleasant. A bit too much on the sour side.
Guesswork: My guess is a young Islay malt, bottled independently from the cask.
Rating: 64
Date: 29 July 2011


Straw color.
First fruity nose. Candy with pear and apple. Sweet fruit syrup. Light smoke in the background.
Second nose less exuberant. The smoke is no longer present.
The palate is soft on the peat and fruit (fruit orchard and a little exotic fruits).
Final moderately long, moderately intense smoke and fruit. The alcohol is slightly felt.


Color : pale gold
Nose : We start with nice notes of lemon, smoke and peat. Some charcoal, confit pineapple. Very nice nose, sugary but well balanced. Some liquorice, but light.
Mouth : It's weak. It feels like chewing on a stick of liquorice. Some smoke and lemon (very diluted). It's quite indistinct. It's woody and aqueous.
Finale : medium, on bitterness and smoke.
Conclusion : The nose is interesting, slightly acid, sugary and smoky. The mouth doesn't not get there, very bitter, on liquorice.


appearance: Riesling
nose: Medium to strong intensity, well integrated alcohol, cheese (Camembert, Munster) (it's very nice for those who, like me, like that kind of cheese), sea air, medicinal (antiseptic), farmer (straw in barn) smoke and peat in the background
Taste: Medium to strong intensity, smoke and dry peat dominate but they leave place for the farmers, sailors and antiseptic aromas. Exactly the opposite of the nose
finish: average
With water: Slightly less intense on the nose and the palate, a little bitterness in the mouth, I like less with water
conclusion: An interesting and well balanced whisky .It takes time to articulate. I really like.


Sweet on the nose, sea influence (fish), slightly smoked wood. Good !
In mouth, great balance, nice and precise smoke aroma, smoked fish. A lack of complexity but really good and highly drinkable !
Islay not high in alcohol level, 20yo or more ?


Color: light yellow
Nose with a hint of smoke a nice fresh seaweed. Great finesse. Very nice. Very strong impression of Manzana (green apple).
The palate is oily, almost chewable. This causes a small loss of sharpness and the disappearance of the smoke. La manzana is strongly present, but the green apple becomes compote. The texture is consistent and frieze some softness.
The finish is medium length. It returns to the freshness. Whisky found the tone with spicy alcohol. The smoke is back.
Without that feeling of softness in the middle palate that would be a good whiskey. All is however very nice and cozy.


Colour: Straw
Nose: Special, but interesting, it has aromas of well refined volume of sheep cheese mixed with a thoroughly nice peat smoke. A slightly fruity touch (pear, apple) completes the rustic but tasteful whole. Still as pleasant during the second tasting.
Palate: The alcohol is well integrated. The palate is fat, salted, smoked, with farmy notes in the continuity of the nose. It also has a slight fruity (pear again). No notable changes between the two tastings.
Finish: Quite long, but mostly not too peaty smoke, always with the notes of Tomme of ewe.
Conclusion: A malt probably young but well done. Peat seemed rather continental, for what that means.


The nose reveals a peaty malt. Some peat, and its procession of smoke, herbs, leather, pepper, tar. I find a little violet or cherry also. The peat comes along with cereal notes, with fruits (apple, plum?) and of fine iodized and mineral notes (wet rock). The whole is rather exciting, and the fruity, bringing freshness, comes to balance the peat, which finally makes rather discreet.
With aeration, emanations of yeast were very odd.
In mouth, it is finally the fruit which stands out, on the plum, and also flowers (violet? Geranium?), everything which reminds me a brandy. Then declines the peat, light, the leather and the salt, the pepper and the smoke, to finish more wisely on the dry wood, the coffee with milk and the rock. Very pleasant.
Either a little peated whisky, or a young peaty ? The mouth pleased a lot me, with a beautiful evolution, in spite of accents of young whiskey, not so disagreeable in the end. Just a little age in more to make a great one ?


Colour: Pale, white wine.
Nose: nose 1st acid, vinegar, of course, pungent. Notes of rotting stench of garbage. Then through grassy notes. Occasionally, a burst of delicious jammy fruit happens to be drilled to vanish soon. Bitterness. And always the bad smell of landfill that spoil everything and will even mention the slurry.
Water harmonizes the nose, but without actually removing unpleasant notes. However, beautiful floral and fruity notes finally expressed as to succeed in cleansing the nose. But not enough to completely remove odors.
Taste: Very (too?) Fat, a lot of material. There are notes on the nose perceived, unpleasant like eating in a garbage can.
Water harmonizes the mouth but we feel that he would not take much to pass the threshold of surdilution. Again, more harmony, but without achieving a pleasing result.
Finale: On the same note as the mouth and nose, it becomes astringent over time.
Water reveals a kind of bitterness and metallic mineral. A lot of smoke astringent after a few minutes.

Comment: I've been drinking bad whisky, but it was undeniable that they were whiskys. Here I do not know what I had in my glass. I just hope it was not garbage juice. Without doubt one of the worst alcohol of any type I have ever tasted. And unfortunately, the water really does not save him.


Nose: Start soft fresh and fruity (yellow). Touches of haystack then soft peat. Salty and malty.
Mouth: Soft peat, yellow and tropical fruits, sea air. Enjoyable and fresh.
The final is all the same.


Colour: straw yellow
Nose: Attack on a medicinal peat, citrus, pepper, spices and marzipan.
With a little water, it becomes less peaty and fruity / spicy / floral.
Palate: An original blend of rubber, peat and fruit.
A little chocolate in the background.
With a little water, rubber disappears, peat becomes very quiet and fruits and spices are reinforced.
Long finish on peat and chocolate.
Whisky A very original and successful.


Color: Straw coloured
Nose: Iodine, Scent of sea
Mouth: Salty, Sea Shell, Smoky after dilution, hint of lemon
Final: Lighty peated