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I found this bottle...

Publié : 23 août 2009, 12:57
par GCotteril
Hello all,

I have posted on the French Forum as suggested by another member.

I hope I am posting this in the right place. I was going through my drinking cabinet this afternoon with a friend looking at all the old bottles that I have never drunk and come across a Signatory Vintage Single Islay Malt, distalled at Port Ellen on 19/8/77 and bottle in 5/96 Does anyone know how much that might be worth?

The reason I ask is that I don't drink and I have a lot of old bottles that I could possibly sell or pass on a presents, but I wouldn't want to give away anything to expensive.

Many Thanks to all who reply

Re: I found this bottle...

Publié : 23 août 2009, 13:07
par ALouis
Hello Giles,

Is this bottle?:
Port Ellen 19yo 1977/1996 (58%, Signatory, C#3615)

Re: I found this bottle...

Publié : 23 août 2009, 13:11
par GCotteril
Its Cask No 3613, bottle 165 of 252 59.2% matured in an oak cask for 18 years.

Re: I found this bottle...

Publié : 23 août 2009, 21:49
par Jean-Michel
Hi Giles,
Port Ellen holds a special place in the world of single malt lovers:
First, as you might know, it stopped producing spirit in 1983.
Second, it was on Islay, well known from the peat-freak's community.
Those two elements together were enough to switch the distillery's status from honourable to mythic.

Generally speaking, Port Ellens are expensive, ranging from 130€ to no price. The strange thing is that lochs of Port Ellens have been sold since it was closed (especialy by Douglas Laing and Signatory), and probably lochs of them are still awaiting to be sold. And quality is not very consistent.

The interesting thing with your bottle, is that it has been distilled before 1980 (most of the recent releases have been distilled in 1982 or 1983), and that it has been bottled before 2000. So it could be qualified as being an "old young" Port Ellen, which is quite scarce, as far as I know. Is it good or not? I wouldn't say ; one of its sister cask (C#3615) was rated 86, which is not too bad. Probably lemony and light in peat. Is it highly collectible? It surely is! Recent 30yo bottlings are sold around 160/200€, so an old bottling like yours is probably worth even more. Perhaps not 500€, but probably somewhere between 280€ and 350€. My 0.02$ ;-)

Re: I found this bottle...

Publié : 23 août 2009, 22:48
par GCotteril
Thank you for getting back to me about that. What a wonderful bunch you Whiskey drinkers are.

Many Thanks once again.